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vShare App Store Apps and the Errors | Update or Remove Apps from vShare

install and uninstall vshare apps

Hello, I understood that you were new to the vShare app. Don’t worry here is a complete guide to installing iPad/ iPhone apps using vShare and Uninstall/ Remove app from vShare apps. Follow the step by step procedure to install iPhone apps from the vShare Store or marketplace. There are many scenarios that errors may occur while installing apps from the Store. Find how to fix those problems and work with these free apps.

How to install iPhone/ vShare apps using vShare?

If you want to install apps or games from vShare for free, then you must have the app vShare installed on your device. If you didn’t install the vShare app on your device, then follow how to install the vShare app on iPhone? And here is a separate method to install vShare on iPhone without Jailbreaking.

  • After installing vShare, open the app.
  • You can select an app from featured apps, or you can search any app.
  • Now tap on install beside the app that you wish to install.
  • Now app will start installing on your device via vShare.
  • You can any paid app for free from vShare.

install vShare iOS 9 apps

vShare Common Errors and their Fixes

We come across vShare common errors, and we’ll search for solutions to fix these errors. Hope this article helps you in guiding towards error fixture. The following are the different kinds of errors you may come across and the solutions to fix those mistakes.

Error 1: Error while installing vShare apps

Sometimes there is a chance of getting an error while you are trying to install apps from vShare apps. It is a simple mistake; it occurs when so many people seek to install the same app at the same time. The server requests will increase, and Server can’t respond to the number of requests at the same time.

vShare error on app installation or download

To overcome the error, we have an easy solution. Just follow the below steps to overcome the error:

Fix 1

  • Close vShare app when you get an error.
  • Kill all the apps those are running in the background.
  • Reopen the vShare app
  • Try to install the app again from the vShare.

Fix 2

If you failed to install the app from vShare even after following Method 1, then follow this method.

  • Close vShare app.
  • Kill all the apps those are running in the background.
  • Switch Off the iPhone or iPad or iPod Touch.
  • Wait for 2 minutes.
  • Switch On the device.
  • Now open vShare.
  • Try to install the same app from vShare apps again.

Now the app will install without any error.

Error 2: vShare installation failed

There might be several reasons for the vShare installation failure. The reasons include lack of network connection or there might be restrictions on your network connectivity. Secondly, the reason might be your iOS version is too old to support the installation.


Even though the iOS version is compatible with the app installation and if the installation gets failed, then you need to switch off your mobile and then try to reinstall the app after switching on your mobile or try to unplug your device with your PC and try to install the app again by connecting your device. It helps to fix errors in the installation process.

Error 3: vShare authorization failed/ vShare re-authorization failed

Coming to the authorization/reauthorization of the vShare app failure follow the below procedure.


In order to authorize/ reauthorize the app navigate to Settings -> General -> Device Management and click on the vShare profile which you find during installation from PC. From the pop click on “Trust” button to authorize the app installation. It helps to permit the app so that your iPhone or iPad supports usage of it. As untrusted unauthorized apps can never be used on an iPhone or iPad, it is essential to trust the applicants from settings to allow the app to make changes on your device to provide its support.

Error4: vShare won’t install apps/ vShare not downloading apps

Sometimes when you install an app using vShare, you may not find it on your iPhone or iPad. In that case how do get the app on your mobile screen. Here, we have simple solutions for that.

Fix 1

Turn off your mobile internet connectivity and re-install the app by turning the internet connection on.

Fix 2

Kill the vShare app and try to reinstall the app by relaunching vShare on your mobile.

Fix 3

Turn off your mobile and launch the vShare app after switching on the mobile after few minutes. Now, try to reinstall the app from vShare.

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How to Update vShare apps to fix compatibility errors?

update apps on vShare iPhone, iOS 9

Every app requires an update to get extra features or to fix errors when the app modified in the vShare app store. To update any app follow the below steps:

  •  Open vShare app.
  • Tap on “Management” which located on the Sidebar menu.
  • You will find two tabs at top “Update” and “Installed.” Tap on Update if it not highlighted.
  • You will find the apps those are ready to update on vShare apps.
  • Tap on “Update” buttons beside the apps that you wish to update.

Now the app will start updating after following all the above steps. If you want to update all the apps with a single tap, then tap on the button “Update All” which located at the top right corner of vShare > Management > Update tab.

install iPhone apps from vShare fro free

How to delete/ remove iPhone apps from vShare?

To delete or remove apps from vShare apps go to apps and follow the below steps:

  • Tap and hold the app that you wish to remove.
  • Tap on “X” button.
  • The app will uninstall from your device.

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