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Dropped iPhone in water can be recovered | iPhone Water Damage Repair

Dropped iPhone in water damage repair

Most of us have iPhone’s right? What is the case if your iPhone or iPad or iPod Touch gets dropped into any liquid or dropped iPhone in water? Let’s discuss How Dropped iPhone in water can be recovered? And let’s consider iPad or iPod Touch or iPhone Water Damage Repair?

iPhone is kind of mobile which is slightly different from other brand mobiles. Where in other it’s easy to remove its parts such as battery, panels, SIM, SD Card, etc. Whereas coming to iPhone, it tightly packed with the panels. It is somewhat difficult to remove its internal parts.

Dropped iPhone in water repair

When dropped iPhone in water or any liquid

Suppose, you are using an iPhone, and yourself or maybe your children by mistake drops the iPhone in water or any liquid. You will be worried a lot right. In that case by using simple tips and techniques you can do the damage repair yourself at your home.

Take a blade which is slightly stronger, take the device into your hands and cut the corners of the front screen with the blade. So that, it will become easier for you to remove the front panel. You can see that in the picture shown below.

Cut all the four corners of the glass coated panel and remove it. We must need to take care of the battery first. Otherwise, it gets so wet and bulges out. So, gently, remove the battery and rub it with a dry hand towel or cloth. Take a bowl of rice or dry crystals etc. which absorbs the moisture and keeps the things dry.

Place the battery in the bowl. Next step is to remove the front panel connection with the device. Dispatch the front panel which contains the Digitizer and CD, rub it gently with the dry cloth and place it in the bowl. Now coming to the internal parts, those are most important for the functioning of the iPhone.

Dropped iPhone in water

The Logic Port should remove next. But, the reminder you should be very careful and gentle while removing these parts. As the internal parts are so delicate, you must be careful while dealing with these parts.  Place the Logic Port also, in the bowl.

If you think few other parts also have moisture, remove those and place all of them in the bowl. Wait for at least 24 hours until the total moisture lost, and the device gets dry. So, guys as we have a damage repair technique in our hands itself, we need not worry when an iPhone gets dropped into water.

Quick steps to fix dropped iPhone in water

  • Take care of your iPhone to not be in the water for much time.
  • In case it’s raining, and you can’t assist your mobile from not getting wet, Switch off the mobile for safe side.
  • Switch off immediately the dropped iPhone in water.
  • Open back panel and remove the battery from the water damaged iPhone.
  • Dismantle the phone and put in a dry place.
  • Make the dropped iPhone in water to be dry as soon possible. Keep it in under dry air or fan etc.
  • Don’t try to put the battery back and switch on your wet iPhone. If you do so, it will short-circuit, and the device will get damaged completely.
  • Take the dry parts to nearest authorized mobile care center. They will take care to repair your dropped iPhone in water.

Since iPhone or iPad or iPod Touch are not a water resistible Apple devices, It is better to cover up them with water resistible mobile cases or mobile covers. Use mobile screen guard for safety side to save your iPhone screen from dropping on the floor or from dangerous liquids. Use Mobile flip covers or back covers to protect your iPhone from water damage.

Originally posted 2014-11-13 19:01:09.