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Dragon Ball Super Game For IOS | Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle


For the ones who love battle, here we had a new game where you can enjoy the battle experience in the form of a game. This gameplay is different from the other battle game plays. The main difference is here you will not have any specially designed weapons, then a question arises in mind, how do we fight with others? Let’s get into the details of How to download and install Dragon Ball Super Game For IOS and How to perform the gameplay.

How to download and install Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle?

To download and install Dragon Ball Super Game For IOS, you need to have a compatible iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad with iOS 6.0 or later versions of iOS. Launch App Store on your compatible iOS device and search for Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle and from the search results hit the relevant app and tap on “Get” button followed by “Install” button. In very few seconds the app gets installed on your home screen.

How to play Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle?

Coming to the gameplay, immediately after installing the app, open the app and it takes few seconds to load everything and a audio plays to start the gameplay.


Touch on the screen to start the game.

Accept the Terms and Conditions to begin and you need to accept all the conditions that appear on three slides on the app screen.

Make the necessary settings you need like your details and get into the gameplay.

Now, You will find some text appearing on the screen about the game and wait for certain to get everything loaded.

Now, let’s begin the gameplay. Choose your opponent who appears on the screen and touch on any ball to begin the battle. Earlier, we discussed that we don’t have specialized weapons for the gameplay and the only weapon that you use in this gameplay is dragon balls. Each ball is enforced with a certain force to smash the opponent and start choosing the dragon balls to kill the opponents.


The Dragon Ball Super Game For IOS is very simple and easy to play and you can view the game guide that appears before the gameplay begins. Choose the opponent from the top menu of opponents and touch on a dragon ball to kill him. This is how you can perform the Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle gameplay.