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Download Recboot for Windows/MAC to Recover iOS Devices


Having trouble with your iPhone, iPod or iPad? Don’t worry here we are to provide you the best solution to get rid of software issues with your iOS devices. Recboot is a free software that is available online to solve your software issues. If the Home button on your iOS device is broken and is not responding or the device gets into Recovery Mode loop and is not able to get back to Normal mode, then try Recboot to resolve all such issues.

Rather than rushing to Apple Care Center each time just give a try with Recboot to resolve your software issues. Most of the problems will be resolved with this application and if those issues were not resolved with this then you can move to Apple Care Center.


How to download Recboot for Windows and MAC?    

Now, let’s get into the procedure of downloading Recboot for Windows and MAC. Click on Recboot for MAC to download the zip file for MAC software installation and click on Recboot for Windows to download the zip file for Windows software installation. Once you are done with downloading, unzip the folder and run the installation file to install the application on your Windows or MAC machine.

How to use Recboot on Windows or MAC machines to Recover an iOS Device?

Follow the below steps to know more about the usage of Recboot application:


  • Once you are done with installing the application on Windows or MAC machines, launch the application and then connect your iOS device to the machine with a USB cable.
  • Once the device is recognized on the application screen, you will find two options appearing on the screen, “Enter Recovery Mode” and “Exit Recovery Mode”.
  • Click on “Enter Recovery Mode” if you want to resolve any software issues on your iPhone or iPod or iPad.
  • Once the issues are resolved, click on “Exit Recovery Mode” button and disconnect the iOS device from the machine.


This is amazing right, just with a simple click you can recover your iOS device and also you can resolve all the software issues. This is how you can resolve simple software issues on your iOS devices with a single lick. Try using Recboot application and save your money in resolving simple software issues at your home rather than rushing to the nearest Apple Care Center each time for minor issues.