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Download iOS 11 update (no jailbreak)

Download iOS 11 update on iPhone 5-6-7-8 iPad air mini 2-3-4-5

The long-awaited iOS 11 rolled out with a bunch of new features and it is available to download/install. Apple implemented iOS11 to support the advanced features of Neural Engine, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence. To support all these functionalities, the iPhone/iPad should have A11 Bionic processor. The a11 processor is a very powerful and advanced chip for smartphones. It has the capabilities of Neural Engine mechanism and Machine Learning features etc.

Download iOS 11 update

To download and Install the iOS 11 updates on your iOS device, follow the below steps carefully.

  • Go to Settings.
  • Go to General.
  • Tap on Software Update.
  • Then Tap on Check for an update if you don’t find Download & Install option.
  • Once the Search is completed and prompts you iOS 11 update which is around 1.92Gb, Tap on Download & Install option.
  • It will start Download iOS 11 and asks your input to continue ‘Installation‘.
  • If you Tap on ‘Ok‘ or if you don’t respond to the setting, then it will start rebooting the device and starts installing.
  • It prompts terms and policies which should be agreed by the user.
  • Upon agree, it will process installation and reboots device.

iOS 11 update no jailbreak

Otherwise, you can also use iTunes to update the iOS 11 software. You need to take a backup of content before proceeding with the update. Follow the below steps to update iOS 11 using iTunes:

  • Connect your iOS 11 compatible device with iTunes desktop version.
  • Now back up the content of the iOS device.
  • Download the iOS 11 update on iTunes.
  • Now proceed with the installation.
  • Restore the content if you lose any content.

Prerequisites for iOS 11 update

The iOS device should pass the below requirements if you are updating the iOS using Wifi/Cellular internet:

  • The iOS device should have minimum 50% of Battery charging.
  • To download iOS 11 software, the device should be connected to the wifi/cellular internet.
  • iOS device should compatible with iOS 11 update.

iOS 11 Compatible devices

Download and Install iOS 11 on your iOS devices to enjoy the beautiful features. Before updating the iOS to latest version checks the compatibility of the iOS 11 with iOS devices. The below devices are compatible to update iOS to iOS11:

  • iPhone 8 / iPhone 8 Plus
  • iPhone 7 / iPhone 7 Plus
  • iPhone 6S / iPhone 6S Plus
  • iPhone 6 / iPhone 6 Plus
  • iPhone SE
  • iPhone 5S
  • iPad Pro 1st/2nd gen of 12.9 in
  • iPad Pro 10.5 in
  • iPad Pro 9.7 in
  • iPad Air / iPad Air 2
  • iPad 5th gen
  • iPad mini 2/ 3/ 4
  • iPod Touch 6th gen

iOS 11 Features

iOS11 is also targeted to provide compatibility to iPhone X curved screen and FaceID enablement in new iPhone models. Augmented Reality is one of the innovative feature added in iOS 11. With all the below features the iOS software in the place that no other mobile software can reach it.

New Files App features

In this version of iOS, Apple added a new app to the devices called Files. Once you upgrade the iOS to version 11, the Files App will automatically appear in your apps list. It finds all the files which are stored in cloud storage like iCloud, Google Drive, DropBox, Box, and etc at a single place. An Edit option is also provided in this app to add or remove cloud storage apps to the Files App’s list.

New Dock features

The Dock at the bottom of the iPhone/iPad is updated with the new design. You can find this dock anytime when you need it. You can simply access it by swiping up from the bottom of the iPad screen. You can customize the Dock with any app those are on your favorites list. The iPad Dock look is updated to match with the look of Mac OS dock.

Multitasking features

Multitasking became simple in iOS11 by simply opening the second app on the screen. You can swipe up from the bottom to find the Dock on the screen and from the Dock, you can open any second app. The screen will split into two parts for two apps. You can switch the apps or drag to left/right and you can close other apps while you are in multitasking. It is very simple to work on multiple apps in iOS11.

iOS 11 multitasking features

Drag and Drop features

Files app is provided to get all the files of any cloud store to Files folder. With the help of MultiTasking feature in iOS 11, you can open any two apps side-by-side. For example, if you open Files/Photos app in one screen and Mail composing in another screen then you can simply drag images/assets from Files/Photos app to Mail composer directly without any struggling.

Apple Pencil features

Now you can perform many things using Apple Pencil with iPhone/iPad. The features of Apple Pencil operations are upgraded to perform multiple tasks with the help of Pencil on iPhone/iPad screens.

Instant Markup features

You can markup using the Apple Pencil’s Marker or Highlighter functionality. It’s become very simple to mark any text or images using the Pencil. Steps to Markup:

Take your Pencil > Tap on Screen with Pencil > Start Marking or writing.

Instant Notes features

Now you are able to take Notes instantly from any app using this Apple Pencil. Follow the below simple steps to take notes:

Take Apple Pencil > Tap on Lock Screen > Take Notes

The Notes will be saved in your Notes App.

Inline drawing features

Once you start drawing on the screen, all the text will be moved aside and helps to draw that whatever you want. You can draw anything in email composer or Notes or on any other app. Now the text that you wrote with Pencil can be searchable in the device and all the data is private.

Scan and Sign features

Using Document Scanner of Notes App, you can simply scan any document. The scanned copy of the document will be cropped and the edges will be rounded. Now use your Apple Pencil to fill the fields or sign the copy. After this, you can save and sign it in your device.

iOS 11 QuickType Keyboard

The keyboard is enhanced to provide the shortcuts on the each key with secondary letters/symbols to simplify the typing feature on iPhone/iPad. Now you can flick down on the key to select any symbols/ numbers/ letters without switching back to the keyboard modes.

iOS 11 keyboard update

iOS11 Augmented Reality Apps

Using the A11 Bionic chip iOS achieved this innovative feature for iPhone/iPad. Latest iPhone/iPads are now supporting Augmented Reality features in it. The Game developers can develop the games to support AR feature with 3D effects using A11 Bionic processor’s Machine Learning algorithms. It is a unique feature which is available only in iOS but not in any other Mobile operating systems.

Everyday essentials features

Now iOS is able to read your interests based on your search and app usage in the device. By analyzing the data available on your interests, iOS now providing the Essentials on the everyday basis. This feature making iPad/iPhones smart. It learns from your activities to provide whatever you need before you asking to iOS.

Live Photos features

Now Live Photos provided with the features like Looping, Bounces, and Long Exposer options. By using these options you can make the live photo a never-ending cyclic photo.

Camera filters for iPhone

Camera filters are the newly added feature to filter the photo before capturing itself. You can add classic photography styles to photos and you can use filters to modify skin tones before capturing the photo itself.

New AppStore features

The App Store is coming with new designs. Now you can find separate games tab and apps list of different types. It is also providing the list of popular apps to find all the useful apps through search. You can also find the AppStore shortcut directly in other iOS apps.

Using Messages Features

Messages app is redesigned to send different emojis, games, and stickers through this app. You can simply swipe the App drawer to find the new stickers and games without much effort.

Siri & Search assistance for iPhone

Siri is coming as Siri & Search. Now you can ask anything to Siri. Siri will assist you with very useful information for your questions. Siri & Search will decode your voice and recognizes when you ask it something. With the help of Machine learning and artificial intelligence, Siri is performing many tasks with your voice assist. Just ask Siri to set the timer, send a message to someone, weather report etc to interact with your voice.

Smarter Apps for iPhone/iPad

Apps became smarter in this iOS version. With the help of Siri, the reply you give to chat will assist with your activities and helpful information. In case if you type ‘Am on the way‘, then Siri tells you the estimated time of arrival. Siri can suggest you with latest movies or places that you recently visited.

New Apple Music features

Now you can have your own personalized profile in Apple Music. Now you can have your own playlists and you can suggest songs or albums to your friends.

AirPlay 2 for iOS devices

Control your speakers and home audio system using the AirPlay2 app in your house. You can operate multiple systems at the same time play different songs in different audio systems.

Control Center design features

As you already know the control center is completely changed. The Control Center is having a new design arrange many settings in the single half window space. You can control many things using these settings. Long press any group of setting on control center to get more setting options. You can control the camera, torchlight, wifi, airdrop, music, brightness, volume, Bluetooth, and everything using these options.

iOS11 control center update settings

Lock Screen features

Lock Screen is now more beautiful with simple notifications view and clear options. All the notifications you can find on Lock Screen and you can view them on Lock Screen by using view option.

DND while driving feature

DND is now auto sense that you are in driving and do not distract you with text messages or calls. It will automatically send messages to the callers by saying that you are in driving.

Apple Maps features

Apple Maps now covering maps of hundreds of the AirPorts and Shopping Malls. These maps help you to identify where exactly the location of the shop in shopping malls and terminal locations in Air Ports etc.

Automatic Setup for iPhone/iPad

It will automatically Sign in your Apple ID in iPhone/iPads by keeping the device near to the already signed in iOS devices. Also, it will import all your personalized settings, content, and preferences etc.

Emergency SOS Mode for iPhone/iPad

Emergency Mode of SOS is implemented in iOS 11. By setting up the emergency mode on and pressing the power button five times will activate the emergency mode and calls the emergency number. And also, this activity disables the touch id and face id which doesn’t allow you to force to open the lock.

Inbuilt Screen Recorder for iPhone/iPad

You can add a record button shortcut on control center and record your screen from the control center. Developers can utilize this beautiful feature to record their activities on phone.

AirPods Customization using iPhone

You can customize AirPods settings using this iOS 11 feature. Set custom action like double tapping on left pod and tapping on right pod etc to perform actions like attending calls and change music etc.

Purge unused apps from iPhone

iOS 11 is also providing a setting to purge unused apps to free up space. It will uninstall unused apps to clear the storage and it saves all apps related settings and content to use them in future.

Go to Settings > iTunes & App Stores > Offload Unused Apps

QR code scanner using Camera

QR code scanner of iOS 11 lets you scan the QR codes of the products to find the information of that product. Just place your iOS camera on QR code to scan it and give you the info.

Smaller photos features

iOS 11 is using the HIEF technology to reduce the size of the photos to its half size. Now the photos taken with the iOS11 camera will have half of its original size without losing any quality.

Apart from the above feature iOS 11 is having few more design changes. iOS 11 is come up with new font styles and formats which are elegant to look. iOS11 added few more wallpapers to wallpapers library, and each and every app and screen is having a title label in big fonts. Also, the animations of screen closing,  sliding down/up, fading etc are added in iOS 11.

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