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Download, Install, Use iMovie app on iPhone, iPad and iPod iOS devices

iMovie app usage

Apple’s new iMovie app for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch to create new assortment of movies with special effects:

Apple the unique product developer for iOS products has created a new app for its users called iMovie app which provides additional effects compared to a normal video which you capture with the ‘Camera’ option. You can add the enhanced features like picture in picture, fast forward, slow motion and can also provide split screen effects. You can even add sound track from the built in music app and can also add sound effects and songs from your music app.

How to download and install iMovie app on iPod touch, iPad and iPhone?

Before going to see the installation process of the app, let’s see the compatibility of the application with iOS devices. In order to install iMovie app on your iOS devices you must basically have the iPod touch, iPad or iPhone with iOS 9.0 installed on them.  And this app is also optimized for the upcoming iPad Pro.

iMovie app usage

Now, coming to the installation process iMovie app is a paid app it may cost around 5 dollars, so make sure that you are ready for the payment. Search for the app from App Store and navigate to the app details window. From there, tap on the ‘Install’ button and make the payment by entering choosing a payment type and mode. Once, the payment is done the app gets installed on your iOS devices within a span of seconds. And always make sure that you have a proper internet connection while making the payment.

How to use iMovie app?

Launch the iMovie app on your iOS device and choose the ‘Projects’ option.  Tap on the ‘+’ icon to create a new project. Here, you can find two options Movie and a Trailer. Choose any of these options and let’s see a sample ‘Movie’. Navigate to the ‘New Movie’ window and tap on ‘Create’ button.  Here, you can view a Timeline window where you can view a set of options. Now tap on the video icon option to select a video from the list of videos, you can also choose camera icon to capture a new video, microphone option to upload a sound track etc… Choose the video icon and tap on it to view the set of options available.

iMovie app for iPhone, iPad, iPad pro, iPod Touch

Tap on the share icon to get that particular video to the Timeline. Now re-tap on the video icon to upload any other video. Select the other video and tap on it to view the list of options. Tap on ‘…’ icon to see the few more options available. Choose the overlay icon to get the screen over screen on the movie clip. Save your movie clip and watch how it works. You can also use all the advanced effects provided with the app.


Originally posted 2015-11-08 21:01:14.