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Download, install, play Where’s My Water? Game on iPhone, iPad, Mac PC

Where's My Water

What is Where’s My Water? on iPad, iPod touch, iPhone devices and Mac, PC?

Where’s My Water? Is a kind of puzzle game and it is published by Disney mobile for Apple iOS devices and few other platforms. It is developed by Creature Feep and has received appraisals for its graphical style and game play. In this we have a specially recognized lead character called Swampy and it is the first original character for the mobile game developed by Disney and was voiced by Mr. Justin T. Bowler. The game play requires the players to find a route for the water supply to a fastidious alligator. A sequel has also been released for this game called “Where’s My Water 2?”

Where's My Water

Compatibility of Where’s My Water? Game:

  • Where’s My Water? Game requires compatible devices like iPod touch, iPhone and iPad.
  • This game is optimized specially for Apple iPhone 5.
  • It requires 4.3 or later versions of iOS.

Download and Install Where’s My Water? Game on iPad, iPod touch, iPhone and Mac, PC:
You can download and install the “Where’s My Water?” game from App Store. Check whether you have been registered with a valid Apple ID on any of the iOS devices before beginning the installation progress. Tap on the Get button from the app details modal of “Where’s My Water?” game and wait for few minutes until the installation was made on the iOS device.

Also, download and install the “Where’s My Water?” game on Mac or PC machines from iTunes. In order to install the game on Mac or PC you need to install BlueStacks or iPadian simulators. Install any of those simulators and enjoy the gameplay.

How to play Where’s My Water ? Game?

In this gameplay, help the Swampy in guiding water to his broken shower. Guide fresh water, ooze, toxic water, steam and dirty water through challenging scenarios by cutting through the dirt. You need to play through the 4 stories by featuring Allie, Cranky, Mystery Duck and Swampy. Use your creativity in solving the puzzles and see water in various forms. Collect special items which are uniquely designed for each character.

where's my water game

Stories of each character:

She is a most creative alligator and her artistic talents and spirit made her a star. Help Allie in getting the steam and enjoy her take on the classic Disney tunes.

He is a real gator and has a big appetite. He can eat anything except greens. Help him in gobbling up his food by clearing the algae on Cranky’s plate by using the dirty purple water.

He is an alligator who lives in the sewers and slightly different from others. He is a friendly, curios person and loves taking a shower. But he always faces trouble with the pipes and needs help in getting water to the shower.

Catch the Mystery Duck in this game and get all kinds of surprises including mega duck, cute little ducklings and the biggest duck which is ever see.


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