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Download, Install, Play TwoDots game on iPhone, PC, iPad and Mac


Introduction to TwoDots game:

So far we have seen many dots matching games. But TwoDots game is quite different among them. When you see it’s see it gives you an idea that we need to match two dots and complete the level. But this context is completely wrong. Even though the name suggests “two dots” you can match as many numbers of dots that you can and only thing you have to do is to satisfy few constraints to cross the level.  Let’s see more information about the TwoDots gameplay.

Coming to the compatibility of the application with iOS devices, it supports devices like iPad, iPod touch and iPhone which are having 7.1 or higher versions of iOS installed on them and is especially optimized pretty well for iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6 as well as iPhone 5.

Coming to the downloading or installation part of the gaming app you can get this app installed on any of the supported device from App Store using a registered Apple ID for free and you can get this app for Mac or Windows machine by downloading it on a simulator like iPadian or BlueStacks Simulator or even you can run this on any emulator also.

TwoDots gameplay

TwoDots gameplay:

Launch the TwoDots application to begin the gameplay.  Here we have about 285 challenging and funny levels. Each level has its own challenges to be finished. Select any level to see how it works. Here you can find different kind of colored dots and a pop-up message is also shown to reveal the constraints. It shows you number of moves you have available for the current level as well as the number different colored dots that you need to match.

You can also find the number of moves available and the dots matched at the header status bar. Start playing the game by moving the dots. You can match the dots diagonally, horizontally, vertically or the in the form of squares, rectangles or any other form unless there is a separation end among them. You can only match dots of same color and based on the number of dots you have matched your dot count will increase. Once you fulfill all the dots count to the specified count within the moves, the level gets completed and you can move to next level. This is all about TwoDots gameplay.


Originally posted 2015-05-09 21:48:35.