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Download, install, play SimCity BuildIt game on iPhone, iPad, PC, Mac

SimCity BuildIt game on iPhone

SimCity BuildIt game on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, PC and Mac

SimCity is one of the best games in the video game series which was developed by Electronic Arts. It is a kind of open ended city building game. In SimCity, the task of finding and developing a city was given to the player along with maintaining happiness among the citizens with a stable budget. The player must define zones with limits on the kind of development that occurs there. Zone development is directly done by the player but in few cases like where to set up adequate transport links, power supply or acceptable tax level. There are three kinds of zones in this game where the residential zones which are in green, provide housing for the Sims, commercial zones which are in blue provide shops and offices and the industrial zones which are in yellow provide factories, laboratories and farms. Along with this there are three other densities where the low density is for small buildings, medium density is for low to medium sized buildings and the high density is for low to large tower blocks.

SimCity BuildIt game on iPhone


  • SimCity BuildIt game is compatible with iPod touch, iPhone and iPad devices.
  • This app is optimized for iPhone 5, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus devices
  • It requires 7.0 or later versions of iOS

Download and Install SimCity BuildIt game on iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, PC or Mac:
Download and install the SimCity BuildIt game on PC or Mac using BlueStacks or emulator. Install any of these emulators on your machine and install the Sim City app using iTunes.

You can directly download and install the Sim City BuildIt gaming app on iPhone, iPod touch or iPad from App Store. Search for the app and tap on Get button to begin the installation progress.

How to play SimCity BuildIt game
In this game the player is called as Mayor. The Mayor was given the first order of business where he/she has to create their own unique, gorgeous city which has citizens willing to be move in. The needs of the citizens depend on the zone or density that you choose. This is a most realistic city builder with 3D graphics, countless buildings on the mobile device. Place the buildings strategically and to keep the taxes flowing and to make the city growing. Manage your city as you desired by zooming, pinching and rotating up to 360o.

SimCity BuildIt Game

Keep the citizens happy by solving the challenges like pollution, fires and also traffic. Balance all the services like entertainment and power and provide them without any interruption to the citizens. Also, flex your power to create and trade resources along with your friends and other cities. Unlock the exclusive buildings like The Arc de Triomphe, Big Ban or unleash natural disasters. Build an excellent city and complete each level of the game by placing the right equipment and the right position.


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