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Download, Install, Play Monster Dash on Mac, iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

Monster dash game

Monster Dash game for iPhone, iPod touch, iPad or Mac/ How to Play Monster Dash game:

Monster Dash game:
This game is part of the legendary Barry Steakfries Trilogy, Jetpack Joyride and Age of Zombies. You have to run, jump and shoot in order to gain points and win the game. This is a kind of lightning fast action, where we have a hero who chases down horders of monsters which are across six incredible worlds, guns blazing and portal-hopping.


  • iOS 6.0 or later versions are required in order to play this game
  • Monster Dash game is compatible with iPod touch, iPhone and iPad iOS devices
  • This game is optimized for iPhone as well as iPhone 5

Monster Dash

Download and Install Monster Dash game on iPhone, iPod touch, iPad or Mac:
Monster Dash game is available in App Store for free. Download and install it from App Store. You must have an Apple Id registered on respective iOS device, in order to install this game.

You can also download and install Monster Dash game on Mac using BlueStacks emulator. In order to play the Monster Dash game on Mac, install BlueStacks emulator and enjoy the fun of playing the game on a big screen.


How to Play
Monster Dash game:
Launch the Monster Dash game on iPhone, iPod touch, iPad or Mac. And then tap on New Game. To know more about the game, tap on About option from the launch screen. When you start a new game, the hero enters into the screen. Here, you will also find two icons on the left and right ends of the screen. Tap on the Arrow icon in order to jump and tap on the weapon icon to shoot. Start running and whenever you find a gap between the bridges tap on the arrow icon to jump from one bridge to another. Monsters go on coming in the way, if they attack you; your power will be lost. Be careful, when the monsters come across you; shoot at the monsters in order to gain points. The points get increased by the number of monsters you shoot. You have to run like wind, jump like a gazelle and should shoot like you are mad.


We have different types of weapons like THE PACIFIER, MR ZAPPY and SUBMACHINE GUN. The bullets that were used in this game may depend on the type of weapon we choose at each level. We also have vehicles like MACHINEGUN JETPACK and HOG for having maximum velocity. The new Daily event throws you a completely fresh challenge every day into the mix. You can pause the game at any point by tapping on the pause icon at the top left corner of the screen. Leaderboards, majestic medals and the new leveling system make this game a different version of Monster Dash.

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