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Download, install, play Ice Age Village game on iPhone, iPad, PC, Mac

ice age village game

How to download, Install and Play Ice Age Village on iPad, iPod touch, iPhone, PC and Mac:

The Ice Age Village game was designed by Gameloft and Fox Digital Entertainment especially for mobile devices. It is a kind of building and breeding game where you need to help the characters in building and breeding. Select the characters that do you know and like from the animated film series for their next adventure and join them. The main characters involved in this game are:  Buck, Captain, Gutt, Crash & Eddie, Diego, Ellie, Granny, Gupta, Louis, Manny, Peaches, Scrat, Shira, Sid and Squint


  • The Ice Age Village gaming app requires 5.1 or later versions of iOS.
  • This app is optimized for iPhone 5 especially.
  • iPod touch, iPhone and iPad devices are compatible for this game.

Download and Install Ice Age Village on iPad, iPod touch, iPhone, PC and Mac:
You can download and install Ice Age Village on the iOS devices from App Store. Search for the app and choose it from the list of available search results. Tap on Get button from the app details modal and begin the installation progress with a valid Apple ID.

You can also download and install this gaming app on Mac or PC from iTunes using iPadian or BlueStacks simulator. Install any of these simulators on PC or Mac machines and the download the Ice Age Village gaming app from iTunes.

How to play Ice Age Village game:
Once you launch the app for the first time after installation, you will be asked for updating of the app. Please be patient until the updating progress is finished. Once you are done with updating, then the home screen appears and you will be introduced with the main characters involved in this game. Help Diego, Manny, Sid and the little animals nutty, Scrat in building their home.

How to place buildings in ice age village

Let’s get started with the main game play. View the menu by tapping on Stuff icon. It shows you a lot of different items which you can build within this game. The list of options available is Shop, Nursery, Collection, Friends and Options.  Let’s begin building home for the animals by shopping the necessary items by tapping on Shop icon. Choose the required elements necessary for building process. Place the purchased sloths by dragging and placing them at appropriate position. Drag the sloths until you are satisfied with a permanent location to place them. Tap on Green checkmark icon to place it, circular icon to re-load and cross mark to cancel placement of the item. Find a companion for the sloth to live along with it in the habitat. Tap on Find Companion button to find a new companion for the sloth.   We can breed the animals if there at least more than one animal living in the habitat.

The habitats and buildings come up for collection after certain amount of time. Tap on the animals to collect coins from them and then you have to feed the animals in the habitat by tapping again on them to generate more icons. Breed the animals of more than one single type to make babies.  Tap on the habitat to bring a baby in and then tap on Baby button to bring a baby. You will be charged with certain amount of coins whenever you bring a baby in.

breeding babies in ice age village

Once you do this an egg will be placed in the nest and you need to wait until it is hatched. Come back and retrieve the egg once it is hatched. If you fail in doing this you need a get a new egg by tapping on Baby button. So, you have to be careful and respond immediately when the egg is hatched. Now, you will give a chance to play a mini game. In order to play the mini game, swipe your fingers across the egg and rub it. Time constraint is also maintained and you can breed two in each habitat. Build a family and gain more coins.


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