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Download, install, play Clumsy Ninja game on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch

clumsy ninja

Introduction to Clumsy Ninja game:

The Clumsy Ninja game is quite different in name as well as the game play. This is the first game with interactive mode which gives a realistic feel and is ever released in the gaming market. Each and every aspect of the gaming mode gives us fun as well as excitement. In this game, we have a character called Ninja, who plays the key role. Train him in a more skillful and efficient manner to find his missing friend, Kira. This is quite interesting right? Let’s see more about this gameplay.

Compatibility of Clumsy Ninja game with Apple iOS devices:

This gaming application is optimized expressly for iPhone 5 and supports iPod touch, iPad and iPhone that posses 5.0 or higher versions of iOS installed on them.

Download and Install Clumsy Ninja game:

It’s simple to get this gaming app on any compatible iOS device from App Store. Use a valid Apple ID to get this app installed on your device with a single hit on the Get button from app details modal.

train ninja

How to play Clumsy Ninja game?

Launch the application to get started with the gameplay. On the way to find his missing friend, you need to train the Ninja to face the challenges in his way. Coming to the gameplay, the startup screens describes you the introduction of Ninja and his nature. Tap on the Ok button of the welcomes pop-ups to continue to the real gaming mode. Here you can only move to the next level if and only if you clear the current level. All the levels are locked and gets unlocked only if finishes each level. Actually, Ninja’s are well trained and doesn’t require any training but this Ninja is not trained. This Ninja is a quick learner and you need to train it all the necessary actions.

You can train him to fall down, pull his hands, jump and tie with balloons. It can sense, move, react and feel accordingly and is very interactive in nature. Train Ninja in learning new tricks and also special moves. There is a super trainer called Sensei, when you impress him by training the Ninja in an efficient way, you can earn new Ninja Belts. Along with your Ninja you can travel to new locations, meet new characters, and play new games, complete quests. It acts a living virtual friend who can think with real intelligence and also has lot of clumsiness. Enjoy each and every moment in training the Ninja and help him to find his friend.



Originally posted 2015-04-30 08:21:46.