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Download, Install and Using Yahoo Flickr app on iPhone, iPad, PC, Mac

Yahoo Flicker App

Yahoo Flickr app for iPhone, iPad, PC or Mac

Flickr is an image and video hosting app which was developed by Yahoo. This service is most widely used by the photo researches and bloggers to host the images which are embedded in blogs and social media. The Flickr app offers three types of accounts such as Ad Free, Doublr and Free. Coming to the Ad Free option it allows the subscribers in avoiding advertisements for an annual fee. And, the Free option includes 1 Terabyte limited storage i.e., 200 MB per a photo and 1 GB space per a video with a maximum limit of 3 minutes whereas the Doublr account includes the storage which is twice the storage of a free account.

Yahoo Flicker App

How to download and install Flickr app for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch Mac or PC:
You can download install Yahoo Flickr app for iPhone or iPad from App Store. Search for this app on your iOS device and install it for Free on your device. You can also download and install the this app by using iTunes on your Mac or PC.


  • This latest app requires iOS 8 or later versions
  • It is compatible with iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, PC and also with Mac
  • This app is optimized for iPhone 6 Plus , iPhone 5 and iPhone 6

How to work with Flickr app:
Download the app on your Desktop or iOS device. Later, launch the app on your mobile or desktop environment and login or sign up for an account using Flickr login page. Later, choose the account type from the available options such as Ad Free, Free and Doublr. The next step to follow is gathering photos or videos on your iPad, iPhone and iPod touch, Mac or PC into the subscribed account. Now, access and organize your photos from anywhere in to the app. Upload and access the photos with this app without losing its original quality. And also this app lets you back up all your photos on this app in the available 1000 GB of free storage.

Yahoo Flickr app

You can also edit your photos, if you are done with uploading and organizing photos on Flickr app. snap the photos using this app’s live filters and in-app tools for editing such as straightening, cropping, rotating, white balancing, contrast, exposure, adjusting brightness, color leveling, saturation, balancing and sharpening. The most beneficial feature with this app is you can retrieve your deleted account. If you have accidentally deleted the user account, you need worry about it. The app’s latest features help you in restoring the deleted account.

Flickr Search:
Flicker Search is a great feature available in this Yahoo app. This feature lets you to search Flickr images in this app. You can search any type of Flickr images those available in the app. The Search checks photos based on the tags, photo name and more filters. This search feature is making this app a powerful app for images.


Originally posted 2014-12-07 10:18:34.