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Download, Install and Use Amazon Kindle app for PC, iPad, iPhone, Mac

Amazon Kindle for PC

What is Amazon Kindle app for Mac, PC, iPad, iPod Touch?

The Kindle app was designed and marketed by and it is a series of e-book readers.  The Amazon Kindle app enables users to browse, download, read e-books, text books, PDFs, magazines, newspapers, other digital media and articles. You can access to all these services only via wireless network connection. With the beautifully designed user interface you can easily read the e-books instead of carrying a separate book for each category in your hands. The Amazon Kindle app holds all the contents and delivers you the specified category of magazines or books at any point of time. You can access about 1,000,000 e-books along with hundreds of magazines and newspapers.

The Amazon Kindle requires iOS 7.0 or later versions of operating system installed in-built on your device. It is compatible with devices like iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad and is optimized specially for iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 5 and iPhone 6.

Download and Install Kindle app on iPhone, iPad, Mac, PC and iPod touch:
You can download the Kindle App Store version on your iOS devices by using a valid Apple Id. Register with a valid Apple ID on your device and begin the installation progress by tapping on Get button followed by Install button. Once the app gets installed, an Open button appears on the app details modal and when tapped on it, it directs to the app.

kindle app on iOS devices

You can download and install Kindle on PC by clicking on Download Kindle app for PC  link. And, coming to Mac you can download and install Kindle on Mac by clicking on Download Kindle app for Mac link.

How to use Kindle app?

using amazon kindle

Launch the Kindle app on your device and enter your details. Tap on “Let’s Get Started” button to see how it works. If you are well known with the usage, you can tap on “No, Thank you”. You can choose either cloud service or device options to choose the magazines or books that you want to read. When you choose “Cloud” option, you can automatically sync your data and can view the data on any other device. Suppose you have highlighted or bookmarked a page or book when you sync with the cloud service you can enjoy the continuity feature, i.e., you can continue from where you left off.  You can otherwise choose the device option to store the data only on your device. You can also customize the reading experience by choosing the line spacing, font size/style, back ground color and margin size. You can even share the books by a social networking service from the Settings tab.


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