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Download, Install and Tune into Beats Music on iPhone, iPad, Mac, PC

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Download, Install and Tune into Beats Music on iPhone, iPod touch, iPad devices, Mac and PC:

Beats Music is an online-music streaming service organized by Beats Electronics which is a division of Apple Incorporation. It was developed by Daisy in the year of 2012.This service combines expert music suggestions with algorithm based personalization from a wide range of sources. This service was launched in United States on 21st January, 2014.  It is a subscription based service plan where with a single subscription you can access on three devices. The devices might be of any platform such as Windows, iOS or Android along with a web based interface.

Subscriptions Offers for Beats Music:
The subscription plans available are monthly and yearly. The price for the monthly subscription plan is $9.99 US dollars and for a year, it is $99.99 US dollars. You can also avail a family plan with BeatsMusic just like family sharing feature of iOS 8. With this family subscription plan up to 10 devices and 5 people can listen to the BeatsMusic at $14.99 US dollars per month. It is also available as a free trail for a longer period for those who are AT & T subscribers.


  • Devices with 7.0 or later versions of iOS are required for this app
  • Devices like iPod touch, iPhone and iPad are compatible with the Beats Music app
  • iPhone 5, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are having the optimized version of this app

Download and Install, Tune into Beats Music on iPhone, iPod touch, iPad devices, Mac and PC:

Tune into Beats Music

Do you want to tune into Beats Music on Mac or PC? No worries, you can even listen to the songs from Beats Music app. Download and install your favorite Beats Music on Mac or PC by installing a la simulator on your machine. Install BlueStacks or iPadian simulator and then install the app on your machine from iTunes.

Launch App store on any iOS devices like iPhone, iPod touch or iPad to download and install the Beats Music app. Search the app details and tap on the Get button to begin the installation progress.

Tune into Beats Music:

Beats Music on Mac and iPhone
Start your free 14 day trial by signing up into the Beats Music app. It’s an innovative streaming service which combines premium technology with the top tier music experts and delivers right music at right time.  Listen to the unlimited music with an ad-free access to about 20 million songs. Even you can download your favorite songs and listen to them offline.  The in-house curators available with this app guide you in usage of the app.  Make the mix of your favorite songs and the Sentence knows the feelings and current moments of you and plays a continuous mix of selected tracks. Also, explore activities, curators and genres by taking a deeper drive into thee music discoveries.  Let your friends also know the tracks you are listening by sharing with them. Hit to play your favorite tracks and enjoy listening to BeatsMusic.


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