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Download, Install and Listen to Pandora Radio on iPhone, Mac, PC, iPad

Pandora app

Download, Install and Listen to Pandora Radio app on iPhone, iPod touch and iPad devices, Mac and PC:

What is Pandora Radio?
Pandora Radio app which is also called as Pandora Internet Radio is an automated music recommendation service and a music streaming app. It serves as a Music Genome Project custodian and is operated by the Pandora Media. It is limited to only three countries like Australia, New Zealand and United States. It plays a certain genre of musical selections based on the user selection. User has the ability to provide positive or negative feedback for the songs which he/she has chosen from the service. These feedbacks will be taken into account by the Pandora service providers for the future songs.


  • The Pandora Radio app is compatible with iPod touch, iPhone and iPad.
  • This music app is optimized for iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 5.
  • It requires 6.0 or later versions of iOS.

How to download and install Pandora Radio app on iPhone, iPod touch and iPad devices, Mac and PC:
Download and install the latest version of Pandora Radio app, from App Store using a valid Apple ID. Tap on Get button from the Pandora Music app details and begin the installation progress.

Pandora Radio app

You can also download and install the Pandora Music app on Mac or PC using iTunes by installing a simulator on your machine. Install either BlueStacks or iPadian simulator on your machine and listen to the music as much time as you want.

Tune into the Pandora Radio app and listen to your Pandora Music:
Find free and effortless music discovery with the Pandora Music app. Search for your favorite artists, composers, songs and genres and listen to them endlessly. Tune into hundred personalized radio stations with a free account.  Sign up with an account for free and explore hundreds of comedy genre and music stations. You can login on your TV, web and even in your car and enjoy this unlimited music with a single account.

You can not only listen to the sudden but also you can purchase them from the online retailers. While selecting a next song, about 400 different musical attributes are taken into account and these are combined into larger groups which are called as focus trails. There are about 2,000 focus trails of this type and few examples of them are: displayed instrumental proficiency, key tonality, rhythm syncopation and vocal harmonies.

Pandora Radio music

Skip the ads and listen only to the music by subscribing to Pandora One. You can also observe the following features on the website like custom skins, desktop application, high quality audio and few interruptions. This subscription will get auto-renewed each month and you can also unsubscribe to it at any time.

Originally posted 2014-12-31 10:19:12.