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Download, Install Amazon Alexa App on iOS (iPhone, iPad) and Mac

Ammazon Alexa iOS app for iPhone iPad

These days most of the people are going crazy about Amazon Alexa. The most exciting and essential features of Alexa are attracting people and most of the people are carrying out their regular activities with the help of it. The Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, and Echo Dot2 gained huge demand in the market and with Alexa the usage of these devices was made so simple.

These devices can be carried out anywhere and can be used if you are having a device which is installed with Alexa app. This app supports both Android and iOS platforms and now let’s get into the procedure of how to download and install Amazon Alexa App on iOS as well as Alexa for Mac.

Installing Amazon Alexa App on iOS/Mac

The procedure of downloading and installing Alexa app on iOS or Mac is so simple as you download your regular apps but the only difference that comes is its setup. To download this app you need to have an iOS device (iPhone, iPod touch or iPad)  which is having iOS 8.0 or later versions of os and in terms of Mac you need to have iOS 10.10 or later versions of the OS.

Now, on the compatible iOS device or Mac, launch App Store and from the search bar enter the text as “Alexa app”. From the search results choose the Alexa app and hit the install button.

alexa app for mac iOS

As the Alexa app is free, you need provide any payment details and the app gets installed on your device in a short span of time based on your network connection. Once the app is installed, you need to configure the settings for the app.

How to configure Amazon Alexa for iOS/ Alexa for Mac? 

Launch the Alexa app on your iOS device or Mac and turn on Bluetooth on iOS device as well as Amazon Echo device. Now, pair the devices and you can start using Echo device with simple commands from your iOS device with the Alexa app. You can even connect with the wi-fi address generated by the device on your Alexa app.

Once you start pairing the devices, you can make effective use of the devices with just basic commands as you generally use while using Siri. Siri can help you only in few activities which are completely based on voice instructions and it just answers to your questions. Whereas, Alexa app acts a remote control device for your home by making effective usage of Amazon Echo devices.

You will never believe that your smart home becomes smarter with Alexa and Amazon Echo. You can enjoy being lazy with just instructing the devices to function with basic commands and operate every smart device in a smarter way. Make your smart home a dream home to everyone by bringing smart devices in your home which operates with Alexa and Amazon Echo device.

Start getting Amazon devices to your device and see how your home interacts with Alexa. Try today and share your experience with others.