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Download iFunbox for iOS 9, Windows 7,8,10, Mac for free

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We use iTunes to sync apps and music, install applications using IPA files and knowing more details of the device. But, can we install apps from any customized or unsigned IPA packages with iTunes. The answer obviously will be no, because your device doesn’t support such kind of applications. We have brought you a quick solution to this with i-funbox. Download iFunbox Classic and get the best alternative to iTunes application.


The ifun box application is the best app and file management tool for iPod Touch, iPad, and iPhone. It is available for free. And with ifunbox download

  • You can install apps from any customized or unsigned IPA packages.
  • You can export and import media files like photos, videos, ringtones, and tones,
  • Manages files in the App sandbox for chat histories, saved games, saved applications and much more.
  • Also use your iPhone or iDevice as a USB flash driver with high-speed file transfer support.
  • What not, you can even control the native File System of your iDevice in simple steps.

I FUN BOX for iOS, Windows, and Mac

Download iFunbox for iOS, Windows, Mac

The ifunbox iOS 9, 10 compatibility is available with ifunbox windows and mac versions. When you download iFunbox, you can gain similar features that you can see on iTunes. And even you can find more features which you cannot imagine with iTunes.

You can install iOS apps from IPA packages, use iPhone as a flash device, import or export date, take control of iOS-native file system and explore data in the app sandbox. It provides you all these features in a single application with simple steps.

iFun Box Cydia iOS 8, 9, 10

But the thing is that you will not have ifunbox 10, 9 or 8 versions available on Cydia iOS or anywhere. The application makes use of your PC and takes advantage over the iDevice. The ifunbox mac and windows application act like iTunes and when you connect your iDevice to the respective machine having the app you can view all these features on the left panel of the application window.

iFunBox iPhone Download

i fun box cydia iOS 8, 9, 10

The term I Fun Box illustrates you that you can find many features in a single application and it justifies its name. Because you can find lot more features in a single application and the most interesting thing is that you can store any file on your iDevice even though it sizes more than 2GB and even it has international characters.

You can download ifunbox iPhone latest versions or classic versions on your windows or mac machines and enjoy the features available in it. You can even import multiple files in a batch with the drag and drop option in a single step.

You can download ifunbox of your desired version for free with no restrictions and can avail the best advantage of it. Be an ethical hacker and access your native iOS file system. Make use of all the features available with this application and turn your iPhone to a USB flash drive by storing different kinds of files.

Originally posted 2017-02-03 00:02:37.