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Download Cydia Impactor for Windows/ Mac | CI Errors

Cydia impactor latest download

Before going to see Cydia Impactor free download or it’s usage, let’s begin with understanding what is Cydia Impactor and what are the features available with it. We already knew the usage of Cydia app which helps to install the third-party applications that were not available in AppStore. Similarly, to install any third party applications using IPA or APK files Cydia Impactor can be used. Now the question that comes is what is an ipa or apk file.

What is Cydia Impactor IPA file?

A .ipa file is nothing but an ‘iOS Application Archive” file that stores iOS app. It includes binary for the ARM architecture and can be installed on an iOS device.

What is Cydia Impactor APK file?

The .apk file is the “Android Application Package” file and is used by the Android operating system for installation of Android mobile apps.

Using Cydia Impactor the third-party applications that were not available on App Store and which were available online in the form of ipa or apk files can be directly installed on your iOS or Android devices.

Features of Cydia Impactor

The features of Impactor includes:

  1. Bridging connection
  2. Inbuilt driver
  3. Unlock Bootloader
  4. To Root Android Devices
  5. And, to install packages.

How to Download Cydia Impactor for Windows, Mac or Linux?

Download Impactor for Mac

To perform  Impactor free download on Mac machine, just click on the Impactor for MAC link and a .dmg file gets auto downloaded on your machine. Run the file and get the app installed on MAC OSX.

connect iphone to mac cydia impactor

Download Impactor for Windows

To perform  Impactor free download on Windows machine, just click on the Impactor for Windows link and a zip file gets auto downloaded on your machine. Unzip the folder and run the impactor.exe file to get the app installed on Windows platform and if you’re using Windows 10 operating system make sure you do not run the file as administrator and you should also have iTunes installed if you desire to install .ipa files.

Download Impactor for Linux

To perform  Impactor free download on Linux platform, just click on the Impactor for Linux -32 bit and Impactor for Linux- 64-bit links.


Once you are done with the installation of CI on your machine, following the below steps to make use of the Impactor app.

  1. Launch the app and connect your iOS or Android device with a USB cable to the machine.
    cydia impactor iOS 11
  2. Install the .ipa or .apk file that you desire to install on your device.
  3. Now drag the downloaded file to the Cydia Impactor window and make sure your device is detected from the window.
    cydia impactor android upgrade to ios
  4. Click on “Start” button, so that it prompts you to “Apple Developer Warning”.
  5. Click on “OK” button and enter your Apple id followed by password in the prompts that appear on the screen.
    enter apple id for cydia impactorCydia-Impactor-Apple-ID-password
  6. In few minutes the app gets installed on your device, and if you are using an iOS device then do not open the app immediately.
  7. Navigate to “Profiles & Device Management” from Settings and “Trust the application certificate”.
  8. Now you can open the app with no limitations or restrictions.

How to fix CCP:150, Cydia Impactor Provision?

In case if you come across CCP:150 error while loading app to CI, you can simply fix it by following either of the below-specified techniques

error 150 provision cpp on cydia impactor

  1. You can choose reset your account password or visit Apple website and login with your Apple ID and Password on the machine you encounter this problem.
  2. If you’re already signed in and facing the issue then simply close your browser and retry dragging and dropping the application again to the Impactor window and enter your Apple ID and password.

Either of these ways works and you will never come across this issue again.

This is how you can download Cydia Impactor and can make efficient use of it.