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Download and Install Xcode 6 | How to use Xcode 6? | Xcode 6 features

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What is Xcode 6? What are the Xcode 6.X features?
Xcode 6 is a kind of IDE (Integrated Development Environment) which was developed by Apple and contains a suite of the software development tools. It is helpful in developing software for iOS and OS X.  It provides everything which helps the developers in creating different kind of applications for Mac, iPad, iPod touch and iPhone. It brings a unified workflow by providing coding, debugging, testing and user interface design.  Combined with Cocoa and Cocoa touch frameworks, Xcode 6 IDE makes the development of apps easier and fun.

The Xcode6 IDE is compatible with Mac machines with OS X 10.9.4 or later versions such as Mac OS X Lion, OS X Yosemite, OS X Mavericks and OS X Mountain Lion machines. It requires 2.6 GB of space.

Features of Xcode 6:
Assistant Editor, Asset Catalog, Builder built-in Interface, Complete Documentation, Continuous Integration, Compilers, Graphical Debugger, iOS simulator, Live Issues, OpenGl Frame Capture, Open Quickly, Quick Help, Source Editor, Static Analysis, Snapshots, Version Editor and XCTest Framework.

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Download and Install Xcode 6 on Mac, Windows PC:
Before you begin the downloading progress, make sure that your machine is compatible with Xcode 6. Launch Mac Book Store on your machine or navigate to following link Download from Mac Book Store. Install Mac Book Store app on your machine and register with a valid Apple ID. Now download the .dmg file of Xcode and run it to begin the installation progress. Perform necessary actions based on the instructions provided in those installation steps. At last click on the Finish button to complete the installation progress. You can also download the beta versions from Download Beta Versions.

New Xcode on Mac

Xcode 6 for Windows:
If you want to use Xcode on Windows Operating System first you need to install Virtual Box on windows machine. Then Download and Install Xcode 6.X on Windows.

How to use Xcode 6?
Launch Xcode 6 on your machine and make sure that Xcode 6 header tabs appear on the main window. You can view the details retailed to the latest version of Xcode by clicking on Xcode tab in the header and choose About Xcode. You can quit Xcode6 by clicking on Quit Xcode. Choose Open Developer Tool to find the developer options. You can create a new file, open a file or can close the window from the options available in File menu.

Xcode features

Click on the Window menu to find the most essential options available in Xcode6. The Documentation, references can be viewed from the Window menu. When you connect an iOS device you can view the device related information and the information related to the apps available on the device by clicking on Device option. If you connect devices you must select the desired device from the devices list. Organize the data related to applications and their provisioning profiles etc… information using Organizer.


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