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Download and Install Watch Dogs Bad Blood game on Mac (BootCamp), PC | Watch Dogs Characters, Settings, Cheats, System Requirements and Review

watch dogs bad blood game

Watch Dogs Bad Blood:
Watch Dogs is an adventurous installable video game like Vice City, IGI games. This game is designed and developed by Ubisoft Montreal. It is published by Ubisoft. Watch Dogs released in May, 2014 for Xbox 1, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Windows. Watch Dogs for Wii U is released in November, 2014. Watch Dogs Bad Blood is designed on Chicago and Illinois city. A single player plays all this Watch Dogs. The player tries to take revenge after his niece death. The game is designed in the way that the player in this game can roam Chicago freely.

How to Download and Install Watch Dogs on Mac, Windows and PC for free?
Watch Dogs can be downloaded for free. Watch Dogs Bad Blood free download and install it on your PC. It is of size about 13.8 GB. It is made for Microsoft Windows PC. But there is some options to Install Watch Dogs Bad Blood on Mac too. By using BOOTCAMP you can run Windows applications on your Mac. Bootcamp allows Mac users to access Windows applications on Mac. You must be very careful while you installing BootCamp on your Mac. You must Backup your data on Mac. There are various versions of Bootcamp are available.

For Windows XP Home edition launcher or Professional with Service packs 2 or 3 use  BootCamp 3. For Windows Vista launcher use BootCamp 3. For Windows 7 Launcher use BootCamp 4, BootCamp 5.1. For Windows 8, 8.1 launchers use BootCamp 5.1. Download and Install Bootcamp follow Mac Support documentation. After Installing BOOTCAMP on your Mac you can download and install Watch Dogs Bad Blood Windows version on Mac.

Watch Dogs Characters and Settings:
The major settings of Watch Dogs game is the ctOS. It is Chicago’s centralized system. Every thing in Chicago is connected to this System.Cameras, Banks, Cellular phones etc. You can access every thing personal, public and private information of individuals through this ctOS System of Chicago.

WatchDogs Bad Blood Guns

Watch Dogs main characters are Aiden the great hacker who hacked the Chicago’s CenTral Operating System (ctOS) and this guy is the lead role. Lena is Aiden’s niece. She killed in an accident then Aiden want to take revenge. Aiden is protecting his sister Nicole and nephew Jackson. The partner of Aiden is Jordi Chin, He is a fixer. DedHec hacker’s group member and a tattoo artist in this game is Clara Lille. ctOS farmer engineer is Kenney. Delford Iraq Wade and Dermot Lucky Quinn are enemies of Aiden in this game. Damien Brenks is Aiden’s mentor. And Maurice Vega is the person who caused for Lena’s death.

How to play Watch Dogs Game?
is the character that you are playing in this game. First of all you need to hack the ctOS (CenTral Operating System) to do the things easily using technology. By hacking ctOS you can access Security cameras, Traffic Signals, People Bank account details, People profession & their vacation trips details and more. You can steal money from other’s bank accounts. You can change the traffic signals as you need. You can do more by hacking the ctOS. Some times you need to use this hacking technique to handle huge groups and to fight with them.

Use explosions wisely to handle the enemies. If you are going in Guns blazing situation, The enemy will alert his guards to stop you. They use lethal forces to bring you down. USe the best way to handle the guards wisely and use the explosions carefully.

Stealing a car in this Watch Dogs game is a little bit difficult than the remaining games. In GTA Vice City or in some other games you can directly go to a car, you can pull the driver out. But in Watch Dogs it is better to steal a car which is unoccupied and parked a side. If you pull a drivers out from vehicles often, they will call police and its become hard to do the things that you want to do. It is not hard to find a unoccupied car in this game. So always choose an unoccupied car.

If you don’t need to kill some one leave your guns holstered, don’t put it out until you really need it. If you roam around the streets with your gun out, The people around you will react to it, and the things will go difficult for you to complete your goals. So it is better to not put your weapon out if you don’t need to use it. Keep the weapons holstered.

WatchDogs Bad Blood Guns

Don’t run Cars over people often. You should drive your vehicles blindly and shouldn’t injure people. If you do injure people, they will call to police most of times. Your reputation will be lost in this game.

Watch Dogs Review:
is main role in this Watch Dogs game. He is an hacker in Chicago city. In Chicago every thing is under the control of a system called ctOS. Aiden hacks the ctOS and will get access to everything he want. Chicagoans calls conversations, their holiday trip spot, Surveillance cameras, Bank accounts and etc. He can steal your bank accounts, can access traffic cameras, he can know your profession, and how faithful you are with your spouse etc.
watch dogs bad blood chicago map

This game is ultimately open World adventurous game that can attract every one. Already 9 million people purchased this game. Watch DOgs game development was started in 2009. It released its game in 2012 and its released its bad blood version in May, 2014. With in just 5 months the game was installed in 9 million machines. It is about $110 and you can download free from above link.

Watch Dogs Cheats:
There are few cheats available for this game. While the car is moving, by using the hacking system and by flipping the car up side down to make the driver invisible. The driver disappears by flipping the car and the driver again appears if you flip back the car into its normal position.
Win Shell game easily by the following trick or cheat, Begin the Shell game and wait until the hustler completes moving around the cups. Without indicating the Cup that you believe the shell hides, pause the game and go to menu and access options menu. Go to Calibration and set the brightness to 100% and un-pause the game, and pause the game once more. Then you can see the outline of the ball in one of the cups. Choose that cup and you will win it.


Skill points exploit is one more cheat in this game. Buy ammos in huge amount from any store that sells it, and earn a level that you wanted. You can hide in bathroom and fire a weapon out side and you can return to your wanted level after you cool down. You can repeat it multiple times.

Watch Dogs System requirements:

  • 25 GB Hard Disk space.
  • 6 GB RAM.
  • Intel Core 2 Quad Q8400 and 2.66 G Hz processor.
  • Nvidia or AMD GPU of minimum 750 MB.
  • 64 bit Windows Vista or Windows 7 or Windows 8 Operating System. Mac users are recommended to use BootCamp to access Windows applications on Mac environment.
  • DX 11 Direct X.
  • Broadband connection is must for multi-user play.

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