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Download, Install vShare app on iPhone for iOS 9.2 | vShare for PC

v-share for iOS iPhone

Apple’s AppStore is a marketplace where we can download and install iOS applications or games. But What is vShare? V-Share can call as the backdoor of AppStore. Some the apps that are available at AppStore are also available at V-Share.

vShare for iOS (iPhone, iPad)

Any iPhone user can download a plenty of apps or games from V-Share. All the apps which are in AppStore also uploaded into v-Share by the app developers. Apps which are rejected by Apple also uploaded into the v-Share store.

vshare app download

Install vShare on JailBreak and non-JailBreak iOS 9.2

The v-share app has two variations those are Jailbroken and UnJailbroken app. By visiting the official website of the v-Share, Any iPhone user can download and download and install this application. Follow the below steps to download and install v-Share:

  1. Open Safari browser in iPhone device.
  2. Browse the website v-Share.
  3. Tap on the UnJailbroken button to install the app.
  4. A popup will open asking for the install app or not, then accept it.
  5. Open the app and tap on Trust to continue.

v-Share for PC

Now the app downloaded and installed on the iPhone having iOS 9.2 or iOS 8.3 etc.

Advantages of v-Share for iPhone

There are few advantages by using this market store instead of AppStore. Those are as below:

  1. Totally free apps and no payments needed for app downloads.
  2. No need of Apple IDs.
  3. Can install without jailbreak.
  4. No app crashes.

Is v-Share app safe to use?

As per the app developer, they stated that all the apps uploaded into v-Share are safe to use and install in iPhone. Also mentioned that the apps are going under several virus and malware scannings before uploading into their market store. They are also deleting those apps from the market when they find the app as suspicious, and virus confirmed apps.

unjailbroken iPhone + iOS apps for free

Also, you can uninstall the app which you don’t like from v-Share app settings.

Do I need to Jailbreak my iPhone to install the vShare app?

There are two versions of the app is available for both jailbroken and jailbroken iPhones. So, you can install the v-Share app without jailbreaking the iPhone. In case if you jailbreak the iPhone you can not upgrade with the latest iOS version updates. It is better not to jailbreak the iPhone to install this app.

vShare for PC (Windows, Mac)

v-Share for PC downloads

v-Share can also download and install on PC. Visit the official website, and there you can find an download option for PC. Download v-Share for PC and Install the execute the file in PC.

vShare from Cydia repo

How to download and install iOS 9 Jailbroken app from Cydia? It is very simple to download and install jailbroken app from Cydia. Follow the below steps to download v-Share from Cydia:

  1. Open Cydia (with Jailbreak) and go to the sources.
  2. Add the Cydia source
  3. Now search for Appsync and tap on Appsync for iOS8.
  4. After successful installation of Appsync for iOS8 go to the v-Share official website and tap on v-Share with Jailbroken.

repo cydia for v-share jailbroken iphone + iOS 9.2

This way you can install the app for jailbroken iPhone for iOS 8/9 from Cydia repo.

Remove/Uninstall vShare app

Uninstalling v-Share is as simple as you install. Tap and long press the v-Share app and the apps that are installed using v-Share. Tap on the button “X” once the app shows the button. That’s it the app uninstallation finishes.

Originally posted 2016-04-24 00:20:03.