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Download and Install Trace game on iPhone, iPad, Mac PC and iPod Touch

trace game mac download

What is Trace game meant for?

The Trace gaming app which was developed by the Kelvin Calderone company is a most challenging app with the new aspects which is ever seen.  The game is to start up at a pre-defined point and to reach the pre-defined destination by setting out different paths. There are about 120 levels and 6 unique words with a sound track for free. You can play this game at any time without any time limit or timing constraints. Face each level with a challenge and gain high scores. Let’s see more about this game.

Compatibility of Trace game with iOS devices:

This gaming app is compatible with all the iOS devices that are having iOS 4.3 or a higher version of operating system installed on them and is optimized especially for iPhone 5.

Set up Trace game on your iPhone, Mac, iPad, PC and iPod touch:

Get the gaming app on any of the compatible iOS device by installing the app from App Store. Open up App Store on your device and hit the app from the search results. Set up the app on the real device by tapping on the Get button from the app details modal.

You can also get this wonderful gaming app on Windows or Mac environments by configuring a simulator like iPadian or BlueStacks. Configure any of these simulators to get a feel of playing on a real device. These simulators provide the experience of a real device on desktop environment. Get the app from iTunes Store or App Store on the simulator and enjoy the game play on desktop environments.

How to play Trace game?

trace game

Launch the application and tap on the Start button to begin the gameplay. Here you can find a person symbol which denotes the starting point and the sun circular icon that denotes the end point. Here you need to reach the destination by drawing paths from source to destination. Draw lines of paths by swiping over the screen.

You can only pass through these paths if not you may lose the game. Always make sure that you pass through the line drawn. You can draw as many lines as you can while moving from source to destination. You can also jump to escape from threats by tapping on the top arrow at the bottom of the screen. Tap on the left and right arrows which are available at the bottom of the screen to move backward and forward of the path. Draw paths from source to destination by escaping from the threats reach the destination to cross the current level.


Originally posted 2015-04-06 19:38:55.