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Download and Install SHAREit fastest file transfer app on iPhone, iPad


SHAREit the new file transfer app for iPhone and iPad:

Till now, we have been using Bluetooth for file sharing. There are few connection issues with Bluetooth on iPhone and iPad which we face regularly. You need not worry of this problem anymore.  We have a new app which provides a better service compared to Bluetooth. Let’s go into the details of the app.

Transferring files is not a simple task, it takes lot of time. It has become so simple with the SHARE it, which is one of the latest file transfer apps that are available for iOS devices. This app is completely available for free and doesn’t cost anything for the file transfer. Now-a-days most of the people opts this app compared to Bluetooth.


How to install SHAREit app?

To install this app, launch App Store application on your iPhone oriPad. Search for the app and navigate to App Details modal. Tap on the Get button beside the app name and get it installed on the desired iOS device for free. Also, make sure that the device that you install this app must be of type cellular and should contain a SIM inserted in it.

How to use SHAREit app?

Launch the app once are done with the installation of the app and create your own profile in order to use the app. Now navigate to the ‘Transfer’ tab and tap on ‘Send’ button to transfer the files from your iPhone or iPad. When you tap on the ‘Send’ button the ‘Hotspot’ option get automatically turned on.

In order to perform file transfer from a phone to phone, theSHARE it uses Hotspot feature on your phone and provides the file transfer. For this, it doesn’t charge any data charges. You can completely access this app for free. Tap on the ‘Send’ button and choose the files that you want to transfer. Here, you can transfer apps, videos, photos, music, documents and contacts etc… Similarly you can receive the files by tapping on the ‘Receive’ button.

shareit app for iPhone

You can view the count of photos, music files and apps available on your phone from the ‘Transfer’ tab and you can also view the transfer history by navigating to ‘Me’ tab. Here you can find the details of the app, settings, messages and the transfer history.  By using this app you can get all the files with in a span of time without much delay. This is how you can use the app.


Originally posted 2015-11-12 20:21:50.