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Download and Install Pocket app on Mac, iPhone, iPad, PC or iPod Touch

pocket app

Pocket app on Mac, iPhone, iPad, PC and iPod touch:

The Pocket app was initially called as Read It Later and is intended only for desktop computers. Later it was renamed as Pocket app and was made available for Windows, Android, OS X, iOS, BlackBerry and web browsers. The Pocket app allows the users to save a desired article or a web page so that the saved article can be read later. When user saves the article it will be sent to the user’s Pocket list (interestingly it will be synced to all the devices where you have logged in with the same account) for offline reading. The Pocket app can also remove clutter from articles and the user is allowed to adjust text settings to make the reading easier.


  • It requires 7.0 or later versions of iOS
  • iPhone, iPod touch and iPad are compatible with Pocket app
  • Pocket app is optimized for iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 5 and iPhone 6 iOS devices

Download and Install Pocket app for PC, Mac, iPhone, iPod touch or iPad:
You can download and install the Pocket app on PC or Mac using apple’s iTunes. In order to install the Pocket app on Mac, PC or an iOS device you must have an account in App Store. Register for an account in App Store and then download and install the Pocket application. You can install the Pocket-app on iPad, iPhone or iPod touch from App Store with the registered account.

Pocket app on PC

How to work with Pocket app:
Launch the Pocket app on PC, Mac or any iOS device and sign up or login with an account. Search for the articles, recipes, videos and webpages and save them on your Pocket app list. You can save the articles, recipes, videos and webpages and view everything offline. You can view not only the articles but also you can watch the videos, web pages or even recipes. Instead of sharing the links or emailing them to yourself you can just pile up the content in to your Pocket and view them whenever you desire. With the pocket-app all the content gets placed at one place so that you can view them at any time without any requirement of Internet access. You can save as much content as you want; the Pocket app highlights the best and more relevant content to you. You can also share the content to your friend’s Pocket or even you can share to Email, Facebook, Twitter or Evernote using the Pocket-app.


Upgrade to the Pocket Premium to have more powerful Pocket experience. The Premium offer includes a Permanent library to keep a backup of whatever you save, Full-Text searching for finding anything in the Pocket list and few suggested tags to get fast organizing of data.


Originally posted 2014-12-15 17:42:23.