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Download and Install Noda gaming app on Mac, PC, iPad , iPhone, iPod

Noda Game

Noda gaming app for Mac, PC, iPad , iPhone and iPod touch devices:

Noda gaming app:
Noda app was developed by ZealTopia Interactive companies. It is slightly similar to the latest 2048 game which is popular in the recent times. The Noda app was emerged as one of the Best New Games in the US App Store and it is much more addictive, smart and challenging compared to the other games. You can experience the feel of playing a puzzle just by swiping from dots to dots in order to manipulate the numbers.


  • Noda gaming app is optimized specially for the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 5 iOS devices
  • It requires 6.0 or later versions of iOS
  • Devices like iPhone, iPod touch and iPad are compatible with this game

Download and Install Noda gaming app on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac and PC:
You can play this game on Mac or PC by downloading and installing it on any simulator. Install the BlueStacks or iPadian simulator on PC or Mac to download and install this gaming app using iTunes. Search for the app in iTunes App Store and install the app. Enjoy playing on a simulator which makes you feel like playing on an iOS device.

Before you download and install Noda app on iPhone, iPod touch or iPad make sure you are registered with a valid Apple ID.  Launch App Store application on any of the iOS device and search for the app. Tap on the app name from the search results and tap on GET button to install the app. Once the installation is done, the app appears on your home screen.  Tap on the app from the home screen to launch it and enjoy playing with the new puzzle game.

How to play Noda gaming app:

Noda gaming app

The Noda app is one of the top 10 Puzzle and Board Games in US which has beautiful and minimalist user interface and with exciting animations.  It has about 120 hand crafted levels ready to play. Start one by one level and finally win the puzzles. Sharp your brain by solving one by one level. Swipe from one dot to another dot and manipulate the numbers. Place the right numbers on right spots. You will be provided only with a limited number of moves.

You need to swipe from a numbered dot to an empty dot so that empty dot can now hold a number which is half of its value.  It the numbered-dot possess a odd umber then the result will be in 2 unequal numbers the original one with max/2 value and the other dot with (max/2)-1. Whereas, an even numbered dot will be divided into two equal halves.  You can even swipe a numbered- dot to another numbered- dot but the total sum of them shouldn’t exceed 9. When you swipe a numbered- dot to another numbered- dot, the origin or primary dot becomes an empty dot whereas the secondary dot holds their total sum.  You can see colors for numbered dots one with white color and the other with a different color. You can finish the level, when the two numbered dots finally possess same color (not white) and if their sum is not greater than 9.


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