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Download and Install HAY DAY Game on iPad, iPhone and Mac for free

Hay Day Game

Download and Install HAY DAY Game on iPad, iPhone and Mac for free:

What is HAY DAY game?
We have seen so many Farm and pets games like Farmville, Farmerama and Bigfarm etc. But always we are expecting something new in these games, beautiful graphics, speedy in performance and crash less games. The worries will be no more; here Supercell came up with a new game “HAY-DAY”. HAY-DAY game is very interesting and lovable game. It became very popular in 37 countries worldwide in very short span of time. So many people got addicted to HAYDAY game and the popularity of the game is increasing day by day.

Hay Day Game

Download and Install HAY DAY Game on iPad, iPhone and Mac PC:
HAY DAY is a farm related game which can be downloaded and installed for free. This game can be officially downloaded from apple’s App Store. Download HAY-DAY game at “Free Download HAY-DAY” game. Install HAY-DAY game on iPad, iPhone using iTunes. Installing the game on iPhone, iPad is very easy using iTunes. If you are not aware of installing games or apps on iPhone or iPad, then check “How to install apps or games on iPhone or iPad using iTunes.

If you want to install HAY-DAY game on Mac, PC, Windows or Desktop, you need to follow few more steps. You need to install an emulator on Mac, PC, Windows or Desktop to run the game. Bluestacks is one of the best emulators available. Install Bluestacks by following the steps mentioned at “How to install Bluestacks on Mac, PC, Windows or Desktop”. Later search for the game “HAY DAY” in Bluestacks desktop application. Install the game in Bluestacks and you can play HAY-DAY on your Mac or PC.

How to play HAY DAY?
Playing HAY DAY is very easy and interesting. You don’t want to miss this game if you start playing this game. Once you opened your game for first time, It’s asks you to connect the game with your Google plus profile or other profile. Give access to connect; now your game will start. HAY-DAY game gives some suggestions how to play. Follow the suggestions given by HAY DAY. It will ask you to harvest crops in your farms. It will ask to cut the grown crops. Asks to maintain store to stock up and later sell the stocks with profits.

There are 144 HAY-DAY levels in the game. You will get points by harvesting crops and Chicken forums. The points are in the form of coins and diamonds. Based on the diamonds and coins your level up.

How to earn HAY DAY Diamonds and Coins (Points)?
To earn HAY DAY coins and diamonds, you need to do the following:

  • Harvesting crops (Wheat fields) and selling the stock.
  • Harvesting chicken.
  • Harvesting bacon from pigs.
  • Harvesting Goat.
  • Harvesting Sheep.
  • Harvesting Cow.

Harvesting Crops:
You are given with fields. By seeding fields with wheat or corn and harvesting corps, stock will be produced. The produced stock stored in storage. You can earn coins or diamonds by selling the stock produced in fields.

Harvesting Chicken:
In level 3 the chicken forum will be unlocked. You can buy 6 chickens. Buy 5 chickens at 30 coins per chicken (1-6 chickens), 140 coins per chicken (7-12 chickens), and 270 coins per chicken (13-18 chickens).  Feed them with Wheat and Corn. They lay eggs, and you can earn diamonds and coins by eggs. Chicken takes 20 minutes to lay an egg.

HAY DAY Chicken harvesting

Harvesting Cow:
Cows harvesting unlock at level 6 and you can buy 5 cows at 300 coins per cow (1-5 cows), 600 coins per cow (6-10 cows) and 1150 coins per cow (11-15 cows). Cows fed with Corn and Soybean. Cows produce milk per every hour in HAY-DAY. This milk is used to produce Cheese, Cream and Butter.

Harvesting Pig:
In level 10 Pig harvesting will be unlocked. You can buy only 5 pigs and only in one Pig Pen. Each Pig costs 500 coins in HAY-DAY. Buy 5 Pigs at 500 coins per Pig (1-5 Pigs), 1400 coins per Pig (6-10 Pigs) and 2300 coins per Pig (11-15 Pigs). You can feed Pigs with Carrot and Soybean. Pig gives Bacon, Hamburger, Eggs and Bacon pies per every 4 hours.

Harvesting Sheep:
In level 16 Sheep Pasture will be unlocked. You can buy 5 Sheep at this level. Buy 5 Sheep at 800 coins per Sheep (1-5 Sheep), 2300 coins per Sheep (6-10 Sheep) and 5300 coins per Sheep (11-15 Sheep). Sheep produces Wool per every 6 hours. Soybean and Wheat are used feed Sheep. Blue Sweaters, Blue woolly hats and Sweaters are made by Wool.

Harvesting Goat:
In level 32 Goat Yard will be unlocked. You can buy 5 goats at this level. Buy 5 Goats at 2150 coins per Goat (1-5 goats), 5400 coins per Goat (6-10 Goats) and 8650 coins per Goat (11-15 Goats). Per 8 hours Goat produces Goat milk. Goats are fed with Wheat, Corn and Carrots.


HAY DAY Retriever:
The first Retriever is available to buy at level 20 and at another Dog at level 29.It costs 9 green vouchers and 2 blue vouchers. It roams around the farm and sleeps every 6 hours. Retriever fed with one unit of Bacon. It needs Bacon and a Dog House.

HAY DAY Pinscher:
Pinscher is a pet in HAY-DAY. Pinscher needs 5 blue vouchers, 12 green vouchers and 2 golden vouchers.  Pinscher is fed with one slice of Bacon. A Dog House needed for a Pinscher.

HAY DAY Hound:
Hound is a HAY-DAY pet. Hound is purchased with 5 golden vouchers, 5 purple vouchers, 10 blue vouchers and 18 green vouchers. Hound is fed with Bacon and it needs a Dog House.
And more pets available in HAY DAY. Those are Tabby, Calico, Tuxedo, Bay, Palomino, Pinto and Andalusian. You can buy these pets by more level ups.

HAY DAY Achievements:
There are different achievements given based on the effort put in HAY DAY. They are BEEP BEEP, Patronage, Cha-Ching, Stevedore, Egghead, Baconator, Sheep shearer and more achievements are available.

HAY DAY Bakery:
It is unlocked at level 2. Each Bread is of cost 6 coins. Bread is produced at Bakery. Bread takes 3 Wheat to produce and 5 minutes of time. And corn bread of price 20 coins needs 2 Corn and 2 Eggs to produce. Bakery takes 30 minutes time to produce a Corn Bread. It is unlocked at level 7.
And Cookies, Raspberry Muffin, Blackberry Muffin, Pizza and more Bakery items are produced. And these items are unlocked with level ups.

You can use HAY DAY cheats and HAY DAY tips to complete more levels. And you can buy the HAY DAY coins and diamonds with real money at HAY DAY store.


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