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Download and Install Flipboard app on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or Mac

flipboard app iPhone iPad mac

Download and Install Flipboard app on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or Mac:

What is Flipboard app?
app is just like a magazine. But, in general magazines will be specific to a category such as Business, Technology, and Sports etc… But the Flip board app provides you all categories of information. You can get information of topics raging form Astrology to Zoology. You can find any king of data here. It is like your personal journal where the information required y you is maintained. The languages supported by this app are: Dutch, Chinese, English, German, Indonesian, French, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Korean, Traditional Turkish, Chinese, Simplified Spanish and Turkish.

flipboard app iPhone iPad mac

Flipboard compatibility with iOS: 

  • Flip board requires iOS 7.0 version or later versions.
  • Flip board app is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.
  • Flip board app is optimized for iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6, and iPhone 5.

How to Download and Install Flipboard app on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or Mac:
Open App Store and search for Flip board app. Tap on the Flip board app which is displayed among the search results. You will find a Free button below the app name (Flip board), just tap on it (Free button) and then tap on Install button to begin installation. Once the app gets installed on your iOS device, an Open button will be shown below the app name. Tap on the Open button, and then you will be navigated to the app. You can even download Flip board in Mac using Bluestacks emulator (Android player). Install Bluestacks emulator on Mac, Mac book or PC, and then install Flip board app on the emulator.

How to use Flipboard app:
Flipboard is a single place where you can place all your data such as news, business topics or any other topics. You can also share your stories, videos and photos etc… with your friends using the Flip board app. When you open the Flip board app, you can find five icons on the footer.

Flipboard app menu

When you launch the app, you will be navigated to home page with Home icon being enabled. In the home page you can see the latest news or updates. All the information that is shown in the Flip board app is maintained by Zites technology. Their MagMakers collected information from about 10 million magazines which they are passionate about. You can get all the latest updates of a day by 7:00 Am in the morning, so that you can feel as reading a newspaper early in the morning. Tap on the 4-squared icon to view the categories. Tap on the + icon to add a new story. You can view all kind of categories or specific categories by tapping on the desired category icon from the Following modal. Tap on the search icon to search for your favorite topic or news. Enter the topic or area you need to search for in the search bar. Tap on the Alarm icon to view the list of Notifications and information Shared with you. You can see all the likes, comments and messages under this tab.  Tap on the People icon to see the list of friends you have added and can also you can see the information of Readers, Articles and Magazines. You can get information from a to z in this app. So, use this app to view all kind of data at a place, instead of searching for that article in Google.

Originally posted 2014-11-01 14:49:30.