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Download and Install Files Document & PDF Reader app on iPad, iPhone

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Download and Install Files Document & PDF Reader app in iPad, iPhone and iPod touch:

What is Files Document & PDF Reader?
Files Document & PDF Reader is an app that provides storage for different kinds of documents in your device. You can view as well as share any kind documents using this app. It is fully integrated with Box, Dropbox, Google Drive & OneDrive [Pro feature]. You can Play music, watch movies or can access to your cloud storage or download from the internet.
It is developed by Olive Toast Software Ltd. The latest version of app 2.0.2 is available in the market by September 26 2014. It is one of the free apps available in the market. It supports languages such as English, Chinese, Deutsche, Italian, French, German, Japanese, Norwegian, Russian, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish and Turkish.

Files Document & PDF Reader Compatibility:
• It is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.
• It supports iOS 7 and later.
• It is optimized for iPhone 5.

How to Download and Install Files Document & PDF Reader:
Open App Store and search for Files Document & PDF Reader app. select the Files Document & PDF Reader app from the search list; you will find a cloud icon below the app name, just tap on it. A processing status will be shown with the installation status. Once the app gets installed in your device, an Open button will be shown below the app name. Tap on Open button and navigate to the app.

files documents and pdf reader app on iPhone iPad iPod Touch

Files Document & PDF Reader Features:
It supports files such as PDF, RTF, HTML, Apple iWork PDF and text documents. With the Files Document & PDF Reader app you can view most of the Microsoft Office. You can even view image, movie and audio file limited to the formats that is supported by iOS.
You can even transfer documents over Wi-Fi using the Finder, Windows Explorer or any of your favorite web browsers from your Mac or PC. It also supports USB transfer via iTunes file sharing. You can even remotely access to Files securely by protecting with password. The storage limit of the files is of 200MB.When you exceed this limit, you have the delete the existing one’s before copying the new files. The storage limit can also be removed by purchasing the “Pro” features which is available through in-app purchase. The files can even remember the last viewed page and zoom level. You can view the images faster with zoom support with high quality in image viewer.

How Files Document-PDF Reader works:
You can store your files those are existing in any other app to the Files Document & PDF Reader app by just sharing. Open the file which is available in any other app or folder. Tap on the sharing icon, you will provided with a set of sharing options. Tap on Open With/In option and select the “Open in Files” option, If you follow this procedure your file gets added to the Imports folder in the Files Document-PDF Reader app. Files added through iTunes are saved under Public(iTunes) folder and all the remaining documents are saved under Documents folder. You can delete the existing documents by tapping on the Edit button. You can even add the existing documents in the Files list to your favorite list. All the files that are added as favorites can be viewed under the Favorites tab.

files documents files

You can modify the settings for the view of documents from Settings tab. You can change few settings such as Paging Gestures, Link Detection, Default Text Encoding, Load Last Document, Upgrades, Sort Order, Display File Extensions, Show Hidden Files and PDF Page Layout.

files documents settings

You can have remote access from the More tab. You can navigate to the More tab by tapping on “…“Icon in the footer. By tapping this you can view the Remote Access, Feedback and Help options.

pdf-reader app more tab

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