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Download and Install BBM on iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch and Mac


Download and Install BBM on iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch and Mac

bbm on ipad


BlackBerry rolled out BBM (BlackBerry Messenger) for Android and iOS devices. BlackBerry extended its BBM services support to iPad and iPod Touch along with iPhone.
Apple’s iOS users can directly download and install this BBM application from app store. There is no special installer for iPad.
The UI of iPad’s BBM app is same as iPhone’s BBM app. There is no special changes on iPad’s BBM app.

What is BBM?
BBM is very popular messaging service from BlackBerry. BBM stands for BlackBerry Messenger. BBM generates a BBM account with a PIN related to the account.
No two devices can use a single BBM account. BBM generates a new PIN for every new device. This PIN is to share with your BBM contacts and to communicate them through BBM.
You can do instant chats, picture sharing, voice calls and voice memos using BBM.

Download BBM for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch:
BlackBerry uploaded the app BBM for iOS  into app store. iPhone users can directly download BBM from app store. Download  BBM from app store and install the IPA file on iPhone.
Don’t you know How to Install an app on iPhone or iPad? Check Installing an app on iPhone, iPad or iOS device using iTunes.

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Following are features of BBM

  • Instant Chatting using BBM on iPad / iPhone.
  • Voice calls using BBM on iPad / iPhone.
  • Sharing pictures using BBM on iPad / iPhone.
  • Send voice notes using BBM on iPad / iPhone.
  • Share files and documents using BBM on iPad / iPhone.
  • Sending broadcst messages.
  • Messages Delivery and Read status can be shown.
  • Users location maps can be shown.
  • You can share emotions and moods through BBM.
  • Tell your Friends‘ lets you to connect with phone contacts on BBM.
  • You can invite your BBM contacts to BBM groups through mails.

If you have a BBM account in iPhone, You can’t sign in iPad BBM with same account. A single BBM account can be accessed in a single device only.

Fixing BBM crashing issue in latest iOS versions:
Is your BBM app crashing in updated iOS version? Do you know what is a crash? Firstly Know about crash and  here is a smart fix for you which is recommended by apple. The crash is usualy happens when you tries to send a message to a BBM user. All you need to do is ‘Long Press on the BBM chat’ which is causing a crash (Check for log file to find which chat is causing a crash), Then it will prompts a menu at bottom. Delete the BBM chat by tapping on delete icon to overcome the BBM crash issue.

Download and Install BBM on Mac / PC / Windows:
It is possible to access BBM on Mac or PC or Windows. To install BBM on mac or PC or windows, you must have to install Blue stack first.
Few Simple steps to download and install BBM on mac:

  • Download and Install ‘Blue Stack’ on mac / PC / windows. Don’t you know how to install Blue Stack? Check Installation of Blue Stack on mac.
  • Now Open Blue Stack, and install BBM.
  • Set your BBM account.

Now you can access BBM on your Mac or PC or Windows.

Originally posted 2014-10-06 11:56:29.