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Downlad, Install, Play Broken Age on Mac, PC, iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

broken age game on mac

What is Broken Age game for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Mac PC?

Broken Age is an episodic pint and click adventure video game which is designed by Double Fine Productions, Inc. There are two acts in this game. The fact act was released in the year of 2014 and the second act was yet to release in this year. It is the story of two teenagers who are seeking to break the tradition in their lives with no relation in between them. Vella Tartine is a young woman and is ravaged by the Mog Chothra. It is a giant creature which is appeased by the sacrifice of number of young girls at Maiden’s Feasts. Similarly Vella is chosen to be sacrificed for her village. She felt that if Mog was killed then this process will have an end and tried to escape from this attack. On the way she found a Dead Eye God’s temple which turned out to an ancient spaceship that is half buried by the sand. At moment she woke up its pilot and with the help of him she turned the ship’s scanning system into a weapon to kill Mog.

Shay Volta is a young man who is the only passenger in the spaceship Bossa Nostra and finds a creature named Marek. He asks help of Shay in protecting few creatures before enemy force attacks them.  In that adventure Marek was trapped helpless and Shay was knocked unconscious. At that time Vella comes there to attack Mog. Finally, Vella was trapped inside the mechanical creature and Shay was stuck outside


  • The Broken Age gaming app requires iOS 5.0 or later versions.
  • It is compatible with iPad 2(Wi-Fi, Wi-fi+3G), iPad 3(Wi-Fi, Wi-fi+Cellular), iPad 4 (Wi-Fi, Wi-fi+Cellular), iPad mini (Wi-Fi, Wi-fi+Cellular), iPad Air (Wi-Fi, Wi-fi+Cellular), iPad mini 2 (Wi-Fi, Wi-fi+Cellular), iPad Air 2 (Wi-Fi, Wi-fi+Cellular) and iPad mini 3 (Wi-Fi, Wi-fi+Cellular).

Download and Install Broken Age game on iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, PC and Mac:
You can download and install Broken Age game on any compatible iOS device from App Store using a valid Apple ID. Use Cydia to download and install Broken Age game other non-compatible jailbroken iOS device like iPhone or iPod touch using Cydia.

Vella Broken age

You can also download and install Broken Age game on PC or Mac by purchasing it. Click on the Broken Age Purchase link and buy the game. Run the .exe file and finish the installation on PC or Mac machines.

How to play Broken Age game?
Launch the Broken Age gaming app on your device where you can find two characters residing at different locations. Switch between the characters via the games’ interface at any time. Start the gameplay and begin the adventure by making the characters ready. Wake up the characters and fresh up them to start their adventure.

the hub boy

As the two characters are residing in two different worlds, you need to switch between the stories to help them in taking control over their own lives. Assist them in defending against the unexpected creatures that are harming others and kill the other enemies to win the game.


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