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Don’t set iPhone date to 1970 will brick iPhone | Fix 1970 iPhone bug

Setting iPhone date to Jan 1, 1970

Don’t try this on your iPhone – Setting iPhone date to Jan 1, 1970, is 1970 iPhone bug:
Apple iOS came into the picture once again with its simple validation defect on 1970 iPhone bug. Now it is a hot topic in the world, and it is a hot buzzing topic. This second time that Apple is coming into the picture in this year after its Error 53 message issue. This 1970 iPhone bug can’t be avoided once you set the date to Jan 1, 1970. Don’t try to set the iPhone date to January 1, 1970; even to check whether the 1970 iPhone bug is true or false. After setting the date to 1970, the iPhone get blocked to operate. The entire iPhone bricked, and complete iPhone functionality disabled.

Setting iPhone date to Jan 1, 1970

Be careful with this 1970 iPhone bug and don’t even offer your iPhone to others. They can quickly try this bug and blocks your iPhone. Mostly children try the bug to check how it will occur.

What is 1970 iPhone bug?
Most buzzing bug on the internet is iPhone 1970 bug. This bug is related to the date of the iPhone. If you set the iPhone date back to iPhone date back to 1970, manually, then the iPhone get bricked within the fraction of seconds. So, better not to try to produce this bug on iPhone/ iPad.

1970 iPhone date bug-min
It will completely disable entire iPhone operations and show a blank white screen. It is a bug in Apple iPhone.

How to set iPhone date to Jan 1, 1970?
Anyone can reset the iPhone date as they desired. It is very simple to set the date of an iPhone forward or backward. Go to Setting
Then to General
Next select Date & Time
And Turn OFF set automatically.

Jan 1 1970 iPhone bug

Now Tap on Set Date & Time and find that date and time will appear in editable mode. Scroll to edit date and modify date to Jan 1, 1970; once you find the date option. That’s all your iPhone date set to your desired date. But don’t try this.

Is there any solution for 1970 iPhone bug fix?

fix iphone 1970 date bug-min

Yes, there is a solution to fix iPhone 1970 bug, but it is complex. To fix 1970 iPhone bug, you have to work with your iPhone hardware. You need to open the iPhone hardware internal parts and disconnect the battery.

Disconnect the iPhone battery and reconnect after 15 seconds. Now turn on the iPhone and see the magic that your iPhone will function as you expected. But it is complex to fix by a regular user who is not aware of the hardware repairing. And also, keep in mind that non-apple store iPhone repairs or unauthorized iPhone repairs in iOS 9.3 are causing the new issue Error 53. So, better to approach iPhone store to fix this issue.

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