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Delete iPhoto Library | How to Delete Photo from iPhoto from iPhone?

how to delete iphoto library from iphone

Simple and best way to Delete iPhoto Library from iPhone:

We store photos using the iPhoto Library Manager on iPhone. Sometimes we face the issues like iPhone memory full due to a huge number of photos, or there may be a lot of unwanted images existing in the iPhone Photo Library. In such cases is this a right solution to delete photos from Photo Library by removing each of the pictures? It’s obviously not the best option.

Here, we have a simple and best solution to delete iPhoto Library from iPhone. To implement this approach, you need to have iTunes application on your PC or Mac machines. Install the iTunes app if it doesn’t exist on your PC or Mac computer. Now connect iPhone to PC or Mac with the help of USB cable.

Steps involved in iPhone Photo Library Delete process:

Step 1:

Launch the iTunes application after connecting iPhone to PC or Mac. Now you can find the device name from the top panel of iTunes application.

Step 2:

Click on the iPhone icon from the top menu. Now, you can find the list of options from the left panel of the iPhone details window.

Step 3:

Now click on the Photos tab from the left panel to view the Photo Library, which consists of all the folders and photos that exist on your iPhone, which is organized by the iPhoto Library Manager.

iPhoto Library Manager iTunes

Step 4:

Now check the photos and albums that you don’t want to delete from your iPhone Photo Library. The photos or albums which are unchecked resembles that you don’t want those pictures or albums on your iPhone.

Step 5:

Now click on the Sync button to save the changes. When you click on the Sync button, the photos and albums which you have checked earlier will be stored on your iPhone Photo Library and the other photos and albums which you have unchecked gets deleted from the iPhone Photo Library.

iTunes Sync Photos to iPhone

It is how you can carry out the process of iPhone Photo Library delete.

Originally posted 2016-07-14 22:31:46.