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Data Recovery Software for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

iOS data Recovery

iOS Data Recovery:

Have you ever lost any essential data on your iOS device? Did you ever try for techniques in recovering the lost data? Don’t you find any best software’s in recovering the lost data? If you lose any important data by chance due to sudden deletion or any other failures, in such cases how can we recover the data. Here we go with the best software which resolves your problem.  A software product by name iOS Data Recovery that was developed by the Leawo Software Co., Ltd plays a major role in resolving this problem.  Let’s have a more detailed glance about this software.

Coming to this software overview, the first question that may come across in your mind is “what kind of data can be recovered using this application?” The iOS Data Recovery software is capable of retrieving different kinds of lost data such as Messages, Contacts, Notes, Calendar, Reminders and Call history etc… If you consider the scenario of latest iOS 8, we have deleted photos or videos available in the deleted folder. In cases of photos or videos it stores them in a folder, what is the case if your device doesn’t support iOS 8 or you have lost data other photos. In such cases, how can you recover those essential data? Obviously we need special software that helps for data recovery.

The iOS Data Recovery software can also be called as first aid to your lost data as it immediately retrieves your lost data with few basic steps. Refer to the following table, to view the devices supported and the data files that can be recovered.

iOS Data Recovery supported devices
In order to get all such kinds of lost data or to recover data from iTunes Backup, you must have this data recovery software installed on your machine. The Leawo Software corporations has better thought of these scenarios and designed great and beautifully designed software for Mac and Windows machines. This application is available in Free Trial version as well as Paid versions. Click on Download Free Trail Software for Windows and Download Paid Software for Windows for windows environment and in case of Mac environment click on Download Free Software for Mac and Download Paid Software for Mac.You can not only recover lost data, you can even recover the data from iTunes Backup. In case you have missed out your iOS device or your device may get damaged physically or technically in such cases you can recover the data from the last stored iTunes Backup. You can recover data such as Camera Roll or Photo library/stream, SMS/MMS messages, Contacts, Videos, Call history, Voice memos, Calendar, Reminders, Safari Bookmarks and even Notes.

iOS Data Recovery

Coming to point, how can we recover lost data with the iOS Data Recovery software application? Install the application on your machine and connect the device from which you need to recover the lost data. Select the format of data that you need to retrieve among the available options or you can even search for the file by entering relevant text in the search bar. Click on the “Recover” button to start recovering the data and once the process is done, it yields a pop-up message asking you to save the results. Save those results on your machine. Here after you can never miss you essential data as we have the iOS Data Recovery software available with u and of sure you will also say that it is best software which you ever found and you will love it.


Originally posted 2015-09-30 22:09:58.