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Cydia’s free Screen Recorder for iOS | Use Screen Recorder app on iOS

Screen Recorder

What is Screen Recorder meant for?

Screen Recorder app is designed in order to record your screen that you are working on. Let’s say, you are performing a set of actions on your iOS device and want to record all those set of actions or you have encountered a problem while performing an action and you want to show the same to other people who are working at different end or the developers of the application in such cases you need to record all the actions that are performed by you. How do you record all those set of actions? We need a screen recorder for such cases right? Most of the screen recorder’s are paid and what if you want an open source app. Here comes the best Screen Recorder for the iOS devices. Let’s go in detail about this.

Screen Recorder app by Cydia:
Cydia is an open source where we get different kinds of application which are not applicable in the App Store and can add different sources and packages which are required for your device. Set up Cydia application on your device to get all the benefits existed with it and to install all your favorite apps which doesn’t exist on App Store.

How to setup Screen Recorder app using Cydia:
Launch Cydia application on your device and tap on “Manage” tab. Navigate to “Manage” tab and tap on Sources option to find the sources or apps available. If you want to add a new source tap on Edit button under Sources list and enter URL of the source to add a new source. And, if you want to add the application directly, tap on Search icon and search for ‘ScreenRecorder’ app. Tap on the top most app i.e., ScreenRecorder (from BeYouriPhone) and navigate to app details modal. Tap on Modify button to setup the app on your device.

How to use Screen Recorder app?

Screen Recorder

Scroll over the top of the home screen to view the set up of applications available as shortcuts in the minimized tab on home screen. Tap on Dock icon to launch the Screen Recorder application on your device. Tap on Start button to begin the recording process, the recording starts after 5 seconds mean while you can navigate to your application or screen that you want to record. Perform the set of actions and if you want to stop the recording, again scroll over the home screen. Tap on Dock icon and navigating to recording page and tap on Stop button. Your recording gets stored under the path “var/mobile/Media/ScreenRecorder”. Tap on View and Delete videos to view or delete your videos. Your latest recording gets stored as the last one of the list and you can play it by tapping on the recording. Swipe left beside the recording name to delete the recording. Run the recording and view them for your current or future reference.


Originally posted 2015-02-24 17:01:04.