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Sinful iPhone Cydia Repo on iOS 8/ 9/ 10

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How to download and install Sinful iPhone Repo on iPhone or iPad?

We have a good solution to get the paid applications or games for free on our iOS platform with the jailbreaking process. In general, every iOS device comes with Apple inbound restrictions, where you can only get the apps or games that were available on “App Store, ” and few of these games and apps were costly too. To get rid of all these problems we provided with the solution of jailbreaking a device.

When you jailbreak a device, you can make your device free from all the Apple restrictions. Let’s get into more details of Sinful iPhone Repo and how to perform Sinful iPhone download on an iPad or iPhone.

Sinful iPhone Cydia repo for iOS 9 10

When you jailbreak an iPhone or iPad, you can find a nice application called Cydia Repo on your device. Cydia Repo is the collection of various best source repositories. From these sources, you can get the apps or games for free on your iOS device. From the best sources available in Cydia Repo, Sinful iPhone Repo is one amongst them.

You can get the cracked apps for free without having any kinds of restrictions in the download process using Sinful iPhone. Cracked apps are nothing but the apps which are having modified or disabled copyright restrictions. All these cracked apps will be available for free, and you can also get the apps that don’t exist on App Store too.

It is the best advantage of having Sinful iPhone source added to your Cydia Repo. But, how to get this repository on your iOS device? We’re here to guide you through these steps. Now, let’s look into the procedure of “How to download and install Sinful iPhone Repo on iPhone or iPad?”.

How to perform Sinful iPhone download on an iPad or iPhone?

Follow the below set of instructions to download Sinful iPhone on your iPad or iPhone.

  • Launch Cydia application on your device, but before that make sure that your device was jailbroken or semi-jailbroken, and you have Cydia app on it.
  • Tap on “Manage” button followed by “Sources” button on the home page.
  • Now, you will be navigated to “Sources” page where you can find the list of sources available.
  • Now, tap on “Edit” button followed by “Add” button to add a new source.
  • From the URL field provide the URL as “http://www.sinfuliphonerepo.com” and tap on “Add” button.
  • Now, from the pop-up generated tap on “Add Anyway” button.
  • That’s it your Sinful iPhone Repo is installed and added to the sources list on Cydia.

Now, you can start searching for your favorite games or apps using Sinful iPhone Repo and get them downloaded and installed on your iPad or iPhone. Start installing the sources and enjoy your favorite games and apps.

Originally posted 2017-01-31 21:57:36.