Create new Apple ID and Use with App Store to purchase & download apps

apple-id creation

What is Apple ID meant for?

If you want to send an email, what do we require?  Even though the question is so silly, the answer to the question is through an Email Id right? Similarly, in order to download any apps from App Store we require an Apple-ID. The Apple ID is stored in the data base of Apple repositories, where you need to provide the Apple ID for the In-App Purchases that may either ‘Free’ or ‘Paid’.

How to create an Apple ID?

In order to create an Apple ID on any iOS device, launch App Store and search for any app. Tap on an app from the search results, and tap on Get button and then hit the Install button. When do this, you can find a pop-up with ‘Choose Existing Apple ID’ and ‘Create New Apple ID’. Tap on ‘Create New Apple ID’ to navigate to Apple-ID creation page. Here you will be asked to select the region in the New Account page. Select your region under the ‘Country or Region‘header and tap on Next button to continue to the next page. Read the Terms and Conditions once and agree to them by tapping on Agree button to navigate to the next page. If you want to change your region, you can navigate back to the choose country page by tapping on the Back button.

apple id creation

Now enter an Email ID and Password for creating Apple-ID. You should also provide other details along with Email ID and Password such as security questions in order to authenticate you in case if you you’re your password or if you enter incorrect password for multiple times and recovery email id etc… Make sure that there at-least 8 characters in the password that you have entered and there must also be a Capital letter and a digit. Once your email id is registered navigate to the next page. Here you need to select the card type. If you want to create an Apple ID without specifying the card type then you need to choose the ‘None’ option among the card options. The available card options are Discover, MasterCard, Amex, Visa and None.  Choose ‘None’ as card type and enter your billing address. This address details is mandatory and you cannot skip this. Once are done with providing all these details, your account gets successfully created and here after you can download and install as many apps that you need.


Originally posted 2015-03-19 18:12:37.