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Cord voice messaging app for PC, iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Mac

Cord Voice

What is Cord Voice app?

Before going to see what a Cord Voice app, let’s start up with the current messaging apps. As we all know that the days of SMS have gone a long ago. Currently it’s the trend of messaging apps like WhatsApp, Jio Chat, Viber and many other apps. Why to text messages to each and every one? It’s too hard right? Even though we have voice sharing options, with all these apps why can’t we always try to send voice messages to each and every one.  We can have this feature with the new trending Cord Voice app. Let’s see more details about this app.

Download and Install Cord Voice app on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch:

It’s so simple to get this app on you iOS device. Thinking of how? Will give you a detailed procedure of installing the app. From your Supportable device home screen like iPad, iPhone and also iPod touch that are having 7.0 or later versions of iOS installed on them and it is also specially optimized for devices like iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6 and the older iPhone 5 launch App Store application. From App Store, search for Cord Voice app and hit it to navigate to the app details modal. Now, have a single hit on the New button followed by the Install button to get this app downloaded and installed on your iOS device.

Download Cord Voice for PC, Mac and Windows:

Why can’t we always have the messaging apps for mobile devices? Do you know that we can also download and install Cord Voice for PC, Mac and Windows? Yes, we can install this app on these machines. Install a simulator like iPadian or BlueStacks on your machine and get this app installed on the simulator environment. Use App Store application on simulator environment to get the installed by following the procedure as you follow on a iOS device.

How to use Cord Voice app?

Cord Voice Message app for PC

Launch Cord Voice app on your iOS device and create your profile by signing up with an account. You can create an account with your mobile number, Facebook and Google+ accounts. Create a color before providing other details. You can change this color at any time you desire. Now, provide a user name for your profile where your friends can see your profile with this name. And then upload a profile pic for your profile and navigate to the hoe screen. Tap on Add Contact icon to add a new contact to your contact from your mobile device or other accounts. Start conversing with your friends by selecting the person. Tap and hold on the person name to reply to the person instantly by recording and sending your voice message. Also, listen to the voice messages that your friends have sent by a single tap on the profile icon of your friend’s name. This is how you can enjoy conversing with your friends using Cord Voice app by sending voice messages.


Originally posted 2015-06-06 17:01:58.