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Connect Mac to Projector | Detect Display to find monitor or projector

connect mac to projector settings

How to connect Mac to projector?

Have you ever tried connecting MAC to projector? If you don’t, this article helps you to learn how we can connect the machine to a projector. In general, connecting the Windows computer to a projector is so simple. We do have slots at the back or side panel of the laptop where we can connect a projector by inserting the projector cable in the slot. By making slight adjustments we can perfectly arrange the projection. The cable which is available with the projector is a VGA connector where we need to have one more extra connecting cable which connects Mac and VGA cable. Let’s see in detail how to connect Mac to projector.

You can get connecting cables like DVI to VGA Adapter or Mini Mac Display port to VGA Adapter or any other compatible connectors which are available in the market and which suits your machine to connect Mac to projector. Connect the connecting cable to the Mac machine and connect the VGA adapter of the projector to the connecting cable. Once you are done with this set up, click on the Apple icon at the top menu bar. Click on the ‘System Preferences’, to choose ‘System Preferences’ from the Apple menu options. Click on the ‘Displays’ icon, from the ‘System Preferences’ window. This will help you to navigate to the Display and Color settings window. Select the screen resolution and click on the Detect Displays button. Now check the ‘Show displays in the menu bar’ option and also check the ‘Automatically adjust brightness as ambient light changes’.

connect mac to projector

Now click on the Monitor icon at the top menu bar. From the Monitor menu options, click on the Detect Displays to make the Mac find a new monitor.  Also, simply Turn-on the Mirroring option to display the same content on the projector screen which is available on the machine. Later on choose any of the resolution options that are available. Here after your machine is ready to share its contents on a projector screen. This will help you while explaining any project related work to your clients, during any of your presentations, in teaching field etc… We need to also adjust the screen brightness or visibility by adjusting or tuning the connecting cable. Once if every setting is made properly, you can begin mirroring your screen on the projector. You can enjoy the feel of viewing the same content on the machine screen without any time lapse. This is how you can connect Mac to projector with the help of connecting cables for mirroring the machine’s screen.


Originally posted 2015-04-14 16:03:56.