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Burst mode or continuous mode shooting on iPhone’s ios 7 camera


Burst Mode Camera in iPhone 5

Camera burst mode ios 7 / continuous mode shooting on iOS 7 :
In iOS 7 it is possible to shoot photos in burst-mode or continuous mode. Its a great feature available in iOS 7. This continuous mode shoot is available mostly in digital cameras. The improvements for camera are made in iOS 7 significantly than iOS 6. The camera options available in iOS 7 are photo mode, panorama mode and square mode. You can apply real time features to photo mode and square mode.

How Burst mode or continuous mode shooting in iPhone Camera on IOS 7 works?
Camera burst-mode ios 7 or continuous mode is nothing but  shooting  a series of photos one after the other using your camera. The speed of a photo taken is known as fps i.e. frame per second. The frame per second rate is depends on the quality of the camera. iPhone 5S fps rate supports 10 (photos) frames per second. Capturing a moving objects is captured by burst-mode shooting. By capturing moving objects in burst-mode shooting, you wont miss any scene of moving objects.

How to capture burst mode shooting on iOS 7 / continuous mode shooting on iOS 7 :
There are few simple steps to capture the scenes in Burst mode using iPhone 5.

burst mode continuous

Step 1: Using on screen options of the mobile screen. Open Camera in your iOS 7  installed iPhone 5. By pressing the camera shutter button on the screen for long time you can capture continuous photos. It will captures continuously until you release the button.

Step 2: Using the volume buttons. This is very comfortable in landscape mode. By holding down the volume Up button or Down button the photos are captured continuously.

In both the ways iOS decides which photos to keep and which deletes. iPhone automatically saves the best photos.

Initially the Burst-Mode is available in iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C only. It is now available in iPhone 4, iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 also. But they need to upgrade to iOS 7.  iPhone 5S only captures 10 photos per second. And iPhone 4, iPhone 4 S captures only 2-3 photos per second.

iOS 7 Burst Mode Camera

After capturing the photos in Burst-Mode it will shows them in a separate folder instead of the regular folder. It shows the folder on left upper corner and also shows the count of the photos. By tapping on the Favorites it lets you to pick and  chose the best photos from burst mode collection and saves as photos. Even though you save the photos iPhone will keeps the original photos in Burst mode folder.

Originally posted 2014-04-20 17:13:54.