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Best iPhone 6 Plus cases which fits the size with in affordable prices

iPhone 6 plus cases

Latest Apple iPhone 6 Plus cases:

Apple being the brand repository for iPhone’s has released iPhone 6 Plus in the recent past. Hope you have already purchased it and enjoying the features provided with it. Getting an iPhone 6 Plus is not enough we must also handle it carefully. How do we care for it? What if your precious iPhone 6 Plus falls down and if starches were observed on it? So, I guess you understand the need of taking care of your iPhone right?

Do you remember the saying that “Prevention is always better than cure”? So, let’s pay our attention towards handling the iPhone carefully. So, how to provide protection to your iPhone 6 Plus? You need not worry much about this. The thing which you should do is just purchasing iPhone 6 Plus cases. But before ordering for iPhone 6 Plus cases, the first thing you must know is the iPhone 6 Plus screen size. 

So, coming to the iPhone 6 Plus screen size is 5.5 inches and its dimensions are 158.1 x 77.8 x 7.1 mm. Before purchasing the iPhone 6 Plus cases, firstly you must verify whether the cases you choose best fit this device or not. Later you can opt for the case.  Let’s see few iPhone 6Plus cases that were available in the market.

iPhone 6 Plus Case 1:

iPhone 6 Plus Cases

You can get this case at Techarmor Cases at 19.95 dollars.

iPhone 6Plus Case 2:

iPhone 6 Plus Cases

You can get this wooden case at Dailyobjects cases at a price of 17.86 dollars.

iPhone 6 Plus case 3:

iPhone 6 Plus case 3

You can get this glass back cover at Insgnia cases at a price of 14.99 dollars.

iPhone 6Plus flip cover 4:

iPhone 6 Plus flip cover

You can get this best flip cover at Snug flipcovers at a price of 21.2 dollars.

iPhone 6 Plus case 5:

iPhone 6 Plus Case 5

This iPhone case can be availed at Spigen cases a price of 19.99 dollars.

All these iPhone 6Plus cases are best available in the market and best fits your iPhone 6 Plus also protects your iPhone from damages.

Originally posted 2015-12-27 20:28:14.