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Best Augmented Reality (AR) Apps and Games for iPhone


Top 5 AR Apps and Games for iPhone

We all knew that recently Augmented Reality was introduced on Apple iPhone and in this article we have listed out top 5 AR apps and games for iPhone. Before going to see those apps or games first let’s understand “What is this Augmented Reality?”. Augmented Reality is a technology that provides composite view by superimposing a computer-generated image on a user’s real-world view.

Here, we go with the top 5 Best Augmented Reality Apps and Games for iPhone

Firstly, let’s look into the top 5 AR apps that were released out very recently.

Top 5 AR Apps for iPhone

Few top listed AR apps are listed below:


It is one of the best apps where you design your homes according to your wish. You can yourself furnish and annotate your floor plan. You can assemble the floor plan just with your finger and also view the same in 3D.

Filmr- Easy Video Editing

For the one’s who love video editing, Filmr is the best app. You can add songs, videos, photos and can also edit the videos you created. Create your own filmy videos and share it with others with this beautiful app. You can create amazing videos with this app in short span with the beautiful features available in the app.

Google Street View

With the Google Street View app, you can explore the world in your hands. Create 360 degrees photo spheres in one tap to add street view experiences and also discover new places with this app. Also, share them with the world with the Google Street View app.

ARamazing X-Ray FX LITE

You can create an x-ray view of your body with the ARmazing X-Ray FX LITE app. You can scan your body and see how it is from inside.

AR MeasureKit

You can measure anything that you need with this AR MeasureKit app. You have different tools like Ruler, Cube, Level, Angles, Marker Pin, and Trajectory embedded in this app. You can measure a wall, height of a person and can make effective use of this app for any kind of measurements.

Now, it’s time to look into top 5 AR Games for iPhone.

Top 5 AR Games for iPhone

Few top listed AR Games for iPhone are listed below-

Zombie Gunship Revenant AR

For the ones who like war based games, this is one of the best apps. It is an ultimate augmented reality zombie shooter game where you can start firing the camps and people with the guns you possess.

Stack AR

It is one of the simple gameplay where you can relax your mind. With this gameplay, you can build stacks as high as you can on different virtual real places.

Racing in Car

With the Racing in Car gameplay, you can experience the real feel of having a racing in the traffic. You can experience the feel real objects traveling on the road and you can fun of racing with different kinds of vehicles that were moving.

Paper Bin AR

When you feel you are bored with regular activities, you can have some fun with the Paper Bin AR app. With this app, you can experience the feel of throwing a paper in a bin as if you really do it. You can enjoy the fun in it and play until your bin is messed up with all the papers that your throw.

AR Airplanes

With this AR Airplanes app, you fly the airplane wherever in AR. With this app, you can learn how to fly a remote control airplane in augmented reality. The features and ARKit available with this app helps to experience the feel of a real RC plane.

Start installing this Best Augmented Reality Apps and Games for iPhone and enjoy the fun in experiencing the Augmented Reality.