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Best Apps Like Shopkick, iPoll, Jingit, Zoozz, Viggle, Survey and More

Shopkick for iOS iPhone

Best Apps Like Shopkick, iPoll, Jingit, Zoozz, Viggle, Survey, and More to Win Gift Cards and Earn Rewards:

Shopkick app can be downloaded and installed on Android and iOS devices like iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. Shopkick app is all about the shop and earns reward points. Bonus points termed in Shopkick app as kicks. These reward points can redeem for gift cards for free of cost. Download and Install Shopkick for iOS. Also, you can find more apps like Shopkick to get points and gift cards for free.

Shopkick for iOS iPhone

What is Shopkick? Why is Shopkick important?

Redeeming points for gift cards and getting free gifts is a simple process and many people using Shopkick to earn gift Cards. Not only Shopkick, but there are also More Apps Like Shopkick to win free gifts. The 5  Best Apps Like Shopkick are iPoll, JingitZoozz, Viggle, and

How ShopKick making shopping even better with following services:

  • By updating best deals on the products.
  • By listing the trending items on the app.

How to earn reward points using Shopkick or using apps like Shopkick?

Earning Reward Points is very simple using the Shopkick Apps or Apps like Shopkick. There are multiple ways to earn bonus points. Those are as below:

Best Apps Like Shopkick iPoll Jingit Zoozz Viggle Survey

  1. Walk into stores like BestBuy, WalMart, Target, American Eagle, etc. to make points or kicks.
  2. To earn more points or kicks, Scan the future item that you like to buy in a store and buy using linked credit card.
  3. More Apps Like Shopkick provides check-in service to earn points. CheckIn at a named stores to earn points.

And there are many ways to earn reward points using Shopkick or using More Apps Like Shopkick.

What are the Best Apps Like ShopKick: iPoll, Jingit, Zoozz, Viggle, Survey, and More?

The following Apps are best alternatives to the Shopkick app.

1. iPoll: Download for iOS

Get Reward Points by sharing your opinion or review about a product or a place. Earning money is simple and can win anywhere and anytime.You can provide product reviews by taking pictures, posting audio files, and recording videos too.

It is a funny way to post reviews on products and places. You must physically approach the place to examine the product or place.

iPoll posts you new Missions to complete and get reward points. You need to enter your basic information to get Mission alerts or notifications.

2. Jingit: Download for iOS

JingIt is a colorfully designed app for shopping lovers. You can get points in 3 ways using Jingit as below.

  • EngageWatch ads provided in Jingit of future brand products.
  • Check-in – Earn cash by scanning Barcode of a featured product at any store.
  • PurchasePurchase a product and upload the scanned receipt of the product in your Jingit app.

Link bank account to transfer your JingIt cash to your account or Redeem points for gift cards.

3. Zoozz: Download for iOS

Zozzz app also an app like Shopkick. Join Zooz and complete the following tasks to earn cash.

  • By acting as a Shopper.
  • By taking Pictures.
  • By Answering simple questions.

4. Viggle: Download for iOS

The Perk produces Viggle app. Viggle is providing more apps and more reward points and offers than any other app offering.

  • Earn Perk points by Check-In any Tv program.
  • Check-in any song through Viggle to earn more points.

Redeem points for free gifts, discount offers and more.

5. Download for iOS

As the name says, is an app which provides cash winning contests and Qualifying offers, Discount offers, etc.

  • Review a product or place to earn points or to qualify for an offer.
  • Join new contests and complete to win exciting discount offers.
  • Participate in Sweepstakes.

These are the 5 best apps like Shopkick and providing exciting tasks to earn reward points and to redeem them to win gifts, coupons, and offers.

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