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Battery Drain in iOS 9 | Tips to Improve battery life/backup in iPhone

save battery life from battery drain in ios 9

Battery drain in iOS 9 is identified and added low power mode to give 60 minutes extra backup:

Battery Drain in iOS or Battery Drain in Android:

Battery drain issue became severe problem in every smartphone devices and it is a headache for all smartphone device users. This problem persists in every smartphone regardless of the operating system that you use. Android operating systems or iOS operating systems or any operating system can provide best battery life instead of using high powered batteries.

What is Battery Drain problem? Why Smartphone Battery Life is poor?

Did you ever think about these questions? The Battery Life will be poor in smartphones compared to basic models. The reason behind the poor battery life or battery drain is the features that are available in your smartphone. Your smartphone is coming with a number of sensors and number of applications. So what is the problem if we have number of applications? The problem is battery backup. If you turned off your mobile screen it doesn’t mean that the apps and sensors will stop running. Yes this is the obvious reason behind the poor battery life.

Each and every app and sensors will keep on working even though you off the screen. If you turn on cellular data or Wi Fi in your smartphone, each app will run in background. No app will show notifications without running background. So, if you get a notification means that the app is running in your device.

Battery Drain in iOS 9:

As I said above the battery drain happens in any operating system. Memory leaks and poor logic implementation also causes these battery issues. Don’t blame your device’s operating system on battery drain problem for every time. Sometimes it may cause due to the apps that you have installed in your device. If you install an app that have poor logic and iterates programming loop infinitely, then it consumes battery to run the app in background also for infinite time. This may lead to battery drain. This looping may also happen in iOS 9 programs and causes the battery drain in iOS 9.

There is a problem of battery drain in iOS 9 Beta 1 version. After installing the iOS 9 Beta 1 in iPhones and iPads, every one faced the problem battery drain in iOS 9 Beta 1. Luckily they identified this issue and fixed it in iOS 9 Beta 2. After upgrading to iOS 9 Beta 2, users boosted up with good battery life in iOS 9 Beta 2.

save battery life from battery drain in ios 9

Battery Drain in iOS 9 spread in to the world vary fast and this is due to lack of testing by Apple before releasing the iOS 9 Beta 1 version. In iOS 9 there is an option ‘Low Power Mode’. By enabling this mode in your device will increase the battery back up in iOS 9.

What is Low Power Mode in iOS 9?

Low Power Mode in iOS 9 is an option to increase the battery backup in iOS 9 devices. This mode disables all sensors to run in background, stops all apps to run in background and turns screen off when it is face down. So the battery life will increase approximately to 60 minutes. You can turn on this option at any time in iOS 9. And also your device will notify you to turn on Low Power Mode when the battery power dropped to 20% and 15%. So it helps to reduce battery drain in iOS 9. This option is also available in Android Lollipop with name ‘Power Saving Mode’.

How to improve battery life in iOS 9? (Or) Tips to improve iPhone battery backup in iOS 9:

You can reduce battery drain in iOS 9 and can improve battery life in iPhone by following few simple steps.

  • Enable Low Power Mode when you are going to sleep.
  • Enable Low Power Mode when battery life is low.
  • Turn off GPS sensor when you are not using it.
  • Reduce the device screen brightness.
  • Turn off auto sync options.
  • Don’t use wallpapers with heavy graphics or animations.
  • Charge only when the battery life is completely drain and remove charging soon after the battery is full.


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