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AppleTV 15 | Apple is going to delay the release of new Apple TV 2015

Apple TV 2015

Release of new Apple TV by Apple | Apple is going to delay the release of Apple TV 2015:

Apple TV, the most advanced smart TV by Apple has provided amazing features for its users. Most of the people has sold out of their LCDs, TVs and even smart TVs and brought the Apple TV into their homes. That much is the craze it is gained from the customers due to its operation through iPhone or iPad and providence of Set up box etc…

As part of the release of its products, Apple is also going to release Apple TV 2015 this time. As we all that iOS 9 is going to be released in the next month, the most interesting thing is that we are going to have an Apple TV that is made compatible with iOS 9.

Actually the release of Apple TV 2015 was expected along with the release of iOS 9, but due to some reasons this release was postponed and hopefully the release of Apple TV by November. Even though it makes you wait for a longer period, the features it is going to provide makes you quite happier. Apple TV remote is coming with some advanced features.

Apple TV 2015

This time we can expect more features in Apple TV 2015 and we can also see the change in its appearance. What are the features that Apple TV is going to provide and what is the change in design perspective? All these questions will be answered soon and let’s wait to see all these changes directly in the month of November. You have to wait few more days to buy Apple TV 2015 Box for Smart TV.


Originally posted 2015-08-30 13:10:45.