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Apple’s new iRing, a kind of motion controller for music apps on iPad

iRing concept and features

Latest IK multimedia iRing Motion Controller from Apple:

So, far we have seen gold rings, platinum rings, silver rings and many other metal rings. All these rings are passive and do not perform any action. But for the first time we have an active ring, i.e., nothing but Apple’s new i-Ring. This ring not only increases your value and craze but it also helps you in many ways. In simple words we can say it as a motion controller for Apple devices.

We generally use our finger tips or stylus to perform action on Mac, iPad, iPod touch or iPhone right? Here after you may not use any of these to control any of the music apps or effects on these devices. Apple has designed i-Ring to take over these actions. Let’s see what iRing Price, i-Ring features and how it works?


What iRing exactly does?

i-Ring acts as motion controller for managing the music apps on Apple devices. Suppose you were in party and you wish to play music. Using i-Ring you can play the music, select the music files without touching the screen of your devices.

How i-Ring gains input?

The IK multimedia advantage provides image recognition of the i-Ring. The camera of iOS device recognizes the position of the i-Ring on your hand and tracks your movements with the help of IK multimedia.

Do we require any application to be installed for iRing on iOS devices?

Yes, we require an application called i-Ring Music Maker app. With these you can not only store audio files, you can even record as well as share these files to your friends. You can create thousands of music files with these apps.

There is one more app called i-Ring FX which is also called as Controller app provides a fully customized touch less control. You can use this app by using AudioBus or Inter-App apps. One interesting this is that all these effects can be controlled in 3D form with the i-Ring.


In order to control any other apps you can use the Virtual MIDI with the help of Wi-Fi. You can assign axis like left or right etc… with the specific parameter that is routed into the app. Even gestures can be recognized with the six parameters that were provided with the app to control the motion.

iRing Features and iRing Price:

i-Ring works with a rear facing camera from 5 feet and front facing camera about 2.5 feet away and includes two double sided rings. Coming, to the i-Ring price, it is available $24.95.

Get the new i-Ring and check how it controls your devices.


Originally posted 2015-10-31 20:56:52.