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Apple’s new emoji icons in various colors | New Apple emoji images

Apple emoji icons

Apple’s new emoji icons:

Do you know what are emojis? Emojis are small size icons that can be shared with your friends and family members and anyone that you wish to share. These emojis are new way to share your feelings in icons but not in words. Now Apple is working on new OS X to developers. In this OS X’s beta version its showing the new emoji icons examples. Apple shown only few example of emojis in beta version.

Whats that new thing in Apple’s new emojis? These emojis are very new and not seen before. The new thing in these Apple’s new emoji icons is these icons are available in various colors. The colors are sampled from various skin tones of humans.

Apple new Emoji Icons

By tapping on an emoji icon it will show a drop down of six same emojis with difference in their colors. You can choose any colored emoji and you can send them to any one or to any device. But the sad thing is all devices doesn’t support these various colored emojis. If a device is not able to support the specific colored emoji then it will show the white colored basic emoji.

These new emojis are a little bit interesting and these colors are also resembling the human skin colors. Why Apple choose these skin colors as its new emoji icon colors. Will it lead to racism issue? What Apple want to say this world with these new emoticons?

As vice president of Apple said emoji icon characters set to be more diversity so they are working on Unicode Consortium to update the standards.

Have you bored with old emoji icons? Don’t worry guys soon you will receive an update from apple with these new emoticons, Get ready to play with new emoji icons and to share your feeling in colored emoji icons.


Originally posted 2015-05-29 23:25:14.