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Apple’s introduces BBC iPlayer app with the release of Apple TV 4

BBC iPlayer app

Apple’s latest introduction of BBC iPlayer app with the release of Apple TV 4:

So, far we have been using the latest Apple TV i.e., Apple TV 3 where we could only find a few subscribed channels. There are many other set up box service providers in the market such as Google, Amazon and Sky. There are the major service providers where are incompetent with Apple TV. To avail with the existing competition, Apple is striving to modify its existing tvOS to provide more subscription offers.

Apple TV BBC iPlayer

As part of this thought, this time, Apple is going to provide BBC iPlayer app with the release of Apple TV 4. BBC iPlayer is the most used app in order to get the information regarding the latest updates across the world. With the release of BBC iPlayer app, Apple can hit a number of users who are going to adopt Apple TV.

Already there are many people who have chosen other set up box service providers like Google, Amazon and Sky. With the release of Apple TV 4, we can expect a number of existing and new users who start opting for Apple TV 4 set up box.

BBC iPlayer app on iPhone

Apple has started coordinating with multiple channels with some proposed channel package. Once all the discussions were made the number of channels that were added along BBC iPlayer app will be decided and an official declaration will be made by Apple. However, we can expect a number of channels with this release. With this release, we can also expect more revenue for Apple. Let’s wait for the latest release of Apple TV 4 and get tuned to multiple channels.

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