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Apple’s GreenHouse Gas-Free Aluminium iPhone


Apple discovers new techniques to make GreenHouse Gas-free Aluminium for iPhones and other iOS devices

We knew that most of the cases for iPhones and other iOS devices were made with Aluminium. But most of us were not aware that this making process generates huge amounts of greenhouse gases that cause harm to the environment. In the process of making Aluminium cases with alumina, there evolves a numerous number of greenhouse gases which causes harm to the environment.

Apple which not only thinks of its customers in delivering products, it also thinks about the environment. In the recent times, Apple has promised to provide a green environment and in order to prevent the damage caused to the environment in the process of developing Aluminium cases, Apple has started engaging with other metal companies to discover Aluminium that is free from greenhouse gases. Let’s get into more details of it.


Since 1886, a mass of Aluminium has been produced in a traditional way that is developed by Charles Hall. In the process Aluminium is extracted by hitting alumina with a strong current supply that separates oxygen from alumina and carbon is released into the air. During this process, the alumina material is burnt for certain time to generate Aluminium and in this process, huge amounts of greenhouse gases were released into the air which causes harm to the environment.

With the recent technique that is discovered by Alcoa, when alumina is burnt it replaces carbon with a different a secret material and only oxygen is released into the air so that it doesn’t cause any harm to the environment.


Altogether Apple, Alcoa, and Ria Tinto started working on the latest technique such that greenhouse gas-free Aluminium is generated to develop iPhones and other iOS products. Soon, you are going to get greenhouse gas-free Aluminium coated Apple devices. Let’s hope for a green earth that is free from greenhouse gases.

Originally posted 2018-05-17 11:35:29.