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Apple Watch Series 3 with Watch OS 4 Update

Apple Watch Series 3

Hello guys, we are here to tell you some interesting news and facts about the latest Apple Watch Series- Apple Watch 3. So far, we have seen different Apple Watch models which are basic and regular in style. But this time, Apple is running parallelly towards trend and has come up with a unique and distinguishable stylish design in Apple Watch which runs on Watch OS4.

A new series Apple Watch 3 was designed in two different models in variant colors. Before going to the models and variant colors in the latest Watch 3 series, let’s see some interesting facts about this latest series.

Interesting Facts and Features of Apple Watch 3

This latest release is an enhancement over the regular Apple Watch. The most interesting features of this latest Watch Series 3 are listed below for you:

Apple Watch Cellular connectivity

The first most interesting fact about the latest Watch Series is this time Apple Watch has come up with a cellular feature. The cellular feature was designed in such a way that it is capable of receiving calls, notifications through the cellular network even though you don’t have your iPhone integrated with you nearby.

Travel anywhere, you like your Apple Watch Series 3, without your iPhone, you can still receive your calls, messages and other notifications. You need not use two different mobile numbers to get connected. You can connect with the same number, because of the beautiful cellular architecture built on Apple Watch. Call to your friends, receive calls, send/receive messages and any other applications that are associated with the network.

Apple Watch 3 with iPhone X

Being developed for different countries like Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, China, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom and United States, Apple has associated with the respective country networks and has come up with a evolutionary cellular Apple Watch.

GPS enabled Apple Watch

With the GPS system enabled on your Apple Watch, you can make your traveling easier than ever. You can view the maps on the watch screen itself and can travel to any place you desire based on the navigation feature built on the watch.

Apple Watch OS4 Update

The latest Apple Watch Series 3 was built with Watch OS4 and has many excellent and amazing features incorporated into it like smart notifications, music, text messages and much more.

Watch 3 with Watch OS4 update

Swim-proof Smart Watch

Are you the one who like swimming the most or is it a regular exercise for you, then we had a good news for you. You can even carry your smart Apple Watch with you. The watch was designed in such a way that it is swim-proof and you can enjoy your swimming without the fear of damage to the watch. You will also receive notifications and calls during your swim without any kind of disturbances or lags.

Barometric Altimeter Watch

With the sensors available on Apple Watch, it can sense the weather conditions and can generate the temperature and atmospheric conditions on the barometric altimeter available on the watch.

Apple Watch Battery Backup

The battery was enhanced in such a way that it can withstand all the day once it is completely charged and the amount it discharges depends on your usage and the battery can withstand at most 18 hours a day and is 50% more power efficient for Wi-Fi connectivity and Bluetooth connectivity.

Heart Rate, Rest Rate and Work Out on Watch3


With a sensor built on Apple Watch Series 3, it is capable of recognizing your heart rate and rest rate when you are in rest mode. You can even know your workout regularly and can also see how many calories you burn a day based on the workout you do. We can say in short a mini doctor who cares you regularly by showing your health condition time to time is always with you.

It notifies you regularly on Heart Rate, Rest Rate and Works Out with certain apps integration on it. You can hear your rhythm of your heat with the Apple Heart Study available on the Apple Watch with the help of sensors.

Music on Apple Watch

Last but not the least you can listen up to 40 million songs available on the Apple Watch and you can even switch to your favorite radio stations you like the most using the antenna built on the Watch.

You can make your jogging enriched with entertainment by listening to your favorite music with the earbud modeled wireless earphones available with the Watch. Get the earphones to listen and enjoy music or attend calls in a private mode without causing any disturbance to others.

Technical Specifications of Apple Watch 3

Now, coming to the technical specifications of Watch 3 Series, this time Apple has used latest technology in the development of Apple Watch. Let’s get to the complete specifications of Apple Series 3 Watch.

Connect Apple Watch 3 with AirPods

Watch3 Dual-core processor

The Series 3 Watch is built using an S3 dual-core processor. And, you can experience amazing performance 70% faster than ever with this dual-core processor.

W2 Chip on Apple Watch 3

Coming to the specialty of the W2 Chip, it is a wireless chip and is equipped with the watch to provide more advanced features. With this W2 chip, you can also experience an 80% faster Wi-Fi network.

Apple Watch Antenna

The Antenna built on the Apple Watch 3 is capable of receiving signals and can tune to radio stations available nearby.

Watch 3 SIM slot

So, far you would have seen a nano SIM slot, but for the first time, you are going to see an electronic SIM slot on your Apple Watch.

Other Specifications of Series 3 Watch

The Apple Series 3 Watch is Beryllium-free, BFR-free, PVC-free, Mercury-free and is having a Low-carbon process and Arsenic-free display glass.

Apple Watch 3 Colors

Apple Watch is mainly available in unique colors but the bands can be changed as you like. There are many Apple branded Watch Bands with Apple Watch 3. You can pick a band that you like and order your Apple Watch.

Apple Watch Bands

Apple Watch Bands

Apple Watch Bands designed by Apple are so attractive and cool in colors. Apple concentrated on Bands for Watch to make the users like them. There are a variety of bands available to give a decent look for professionals, sporty look for sports lovers, dedicated colors for women, and straps for youth etc.

You can find a bunch of straps in different styles here:

Models Available in Apple Watch Series 3

The Watch Series 3 is designed in two different models one is the regular model and the other Nike integrated. It is available in different variant models of size 38mm and 42mm size in Silver, Gold, and Space Grey colors.

Apple Watch Nike integrated version is dedicated watch for Nike and Sports lovers. You can do many things with Nike integrated watch, like fitness tracking and workouts tracking etc.

You can even change the straps you like as you change for a regular watch. There are different varieties and designs of straps available in the store, choose the one you like the most and change your watch strap as per your interest and preferences.

The Watch 3 is also available in different faces like Toy Story Face, Timelapse, Colour, Mickey Mouse, Astronomy Face and much more. There are many collections available for you. Don’t miss these wonderful models and faces, grab them quickly.

Price of Apple Watch Series 3

Coming to the price of Apple Watch Series 3, it is available for us from $329. Apple has designed two different variants in the Watch Series 3, one without the cellular feature and the other with a cellular feature. The Series 3 Watch without cellular feature costs around $329 and the other with cellular feature starts at $399.

Release Date of Apple Watch 3

Apple has announced its release of Apple Watch 3 on the day of its KeyNote. As per this, it states that Apple is going to accept pre-booking on September 15, 2017, and the delivery would start from September 22, 2017. So, why to make a delay still, start booking your Apple Watch 3.

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